Monday, August 06, 2012

SMBC for Dinner!

Would you just look at that face? I'm not a fan of kids - by a long shot - but this one is really funny when he's not kvetching. Mostly I spend my days sitting around staring at him and laughing - hysterically.
We ate carrots again. Something tells me that the taste I gave him wasn't quite enough. He got quite indignant when I showed him the empty bowl and explained that he'd eaten his allotment for the day.
Worry not - toys came to play - sadness averted. Gosh it must be nice to have a short attention span and not be expected to do anything!
I did a whole lot of laundry today - Buzz helped me by pairing up the socks. Ok - so he didn't pair them as much as wear them and eat them and fling them...but it was a good activity - and the rest of the laundry got folded.
I also refolded and organized 2 shelves in my closet today. (Honestly, I was looking for the charger for my camera battery and wondered if it was hiding in the closet...turns out that it was - along with next years yoman and a whole bunch of other stuff.)
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Z is going out to pick up the crib and then to Jeru to run some errands. I really hope that it doesn't take him too long.
While he's out I'm hoping to get the rest of the closet organized and maybe even tackle the kitchen cupboards - which are in desperate need of a go-thru & sort. I've also got to get Buzz's room straightened up - so that we have somewhere for the crib! Oh gosh - it's so exciting!

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