Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tiny Rompers...

I started this post on Friday - it seemed like a waste not to post it even though it's a rambling mush of thoughts. So I just added some more at the end. If it doesn't seem to flow - let's just blame it on the fact that I have a teething 4 month old who has decided that sleep is for the weak and completely optional.

Can you tell that I'm slightly distressed on account of my brain being complete and total mush?

...Baked a batch of muffins this morning. Was proud of myself for being creative enough to use up the peach puree in the fridge by putting it into the muffins. Thought long and hard and decided to hide a square of white chocolate inside each muffin. Put the tray into he oven and 5 minutes later kicked myself in the tush. Why didn't I stir in some cinnamon or nutmeg?! The cake is going to taste too plain. Z isn't going to like them. They're going to sit in the freezer until I get frustrated and turn them into cake truffles (probably not going to happen) or throw them out (most likely outcome) - this makes me tear-up a little - mostly because with that end result I might as well have just thrown out the puree in the first place. *sigh*...

Buzz woke us up every hour and a half last night - every time he had managed to fling his button out to a far-corner of the baby-jail.

So far my clothes and Buzz's clothes are packed for Shabbos. I haven't made a dessert because I can't figure out what to make. I know Yo'Abba loves pecan pie - but I don't have any pecans left. I really want to try making French Macarons but don't have the time or patience to do it today - I also don't have all of the ingredients.

...Now that I'm thinking about it - if I had some peach preserves or something then the muffins would probably taste alright slathered with them...

SLR came over yesterday and slept-over. She & Z sat and discussed house-plan-issues (she's ~much~ better trained with 'proper' bathroom layout and detail-oriented-technicalities.) I think some progress was made even though Z isn't thrilled with it - I'm hoping he can get over it so that we can move forward.

...It's funny how any fresh baked good still makes the house smell homey in the morning - even if they probably won't get eaten...

We BBQ'd last night and it was delicious. I made the 'usual' teriyaki sauce but subbed some rice wine vinegar for some of the water and added a dash (or 3) of ginger. The house smelled like chinese take-out which I thought was pretty cool.

Yesterday I backed up both cameras (for the first time in a ~long~ time.) I also went out to the post office and picked up the books that I'd ordered. Buzz absolutely ~loved~ it when Z read him 'Ferdinand' as a bed-time story.

Shabbos was long - and boring - the most exciting part being drinking my weight in Pina Coladas - ok - so my goal weight anyway.... Not much else to say about it really.

Sunday was fun - we went to Ikea (again) and finally managed to buy the doors for our living room bookcases. (They haven't had them in stock the last 3 trips - and they were the real reason that we went in the first place!)

Monday was very busy. Besides for being Phil's birthday we spent it in The Sun House. We visited with S&S (and bonus time with some cousins) then went on a shipping spree at H&O. I bought almost an entire wardrobe for Buzz for next spring & summer. (All the Carter's clothes were buy 1 get 1 free - but only the summer collection - meaning only if ALL the pieces on the hanger were short-sleeves. So dumb - but still better than paying full price next year when I need it. I was excited because he has some really cute onesies that I love but they're super small - so I managed to snag them in bigger sizes!) I figure it's ok for him to wear the same designs next year (mostly because I haven't bought myself a new wardrobe since my 1st trip back to America - yeah, that's about 8 years ago. Sure I've gotten a shirt or three throughout the years - but mostly those just replace whatever has gotten holes or has become 'see-thru' from over-wear. I guess it's a good thing that I never leave my house.)

After an enormously over-filling dinner of ribs (bbq & teriyaki), fries and pina coladas we decided to stay in The Sun House for the night.

Tuesday morning we rushed Home to make it to Buzz's Tipat Chalav appointment. Little Chunk weighed in at 7.340kg (a little over 16 lbs.) and 63cm long (not as long as his long-lean-bean cousin - but perfect for his charts.) The nurse was thrilled at his progress and was delighted to hear that he has been loving his food! He took his shots like a stoic little man - quieting down as soon as Z cuddled him and then offered him a bottle. (B"H he hasn't had any negative reaction to the vaccinations - so no need for meds! That's my boy!)

He was over-excited to get straight sweet potatoes yesterday (on account of us forgetting his rice-cereal in The Sun House.) And when Ayala stopped by to say 'hi' on her way to Tel Aviv he was pretty cheery. We put the doors onto the bookcases and finally assembled the changing-table. Then I organized the room and it's just about done - last few things to take care of but nowhere to clean the stuff up to - so it's good enough for now.

So far this morning I spent an hour carrying him around because he wanted to be held AND walked (one or the other wasn't enough) and he didn't want to be in the carrier - so my arms got a workout. He went down for a morning nap (for the first time in a few days) so I took the chance to clear off the drying-racks in the kitchen and eat a plate of rice with potato chips. (ugh.)

We really need to go grocery shopping because I have to bake desserts to take with us to our friends' house for Shabbos. (Yup - another weekend away from home.) Hopefully next weekend will be quiet and alone and home again. (By 'again' I mean - for the 6th time since the baby was born...and by 'quiet and alone' I mean - for the 4th time since the baby was born.)

Maybe more later - if my brain is still functioning. Today we are supposed to: go to the post office, go grocery shopping, get screws&dibbles to hang the window-curtains, put up the hooks to secure the shower-rods in both bathrooms, shorten the curtains in the living room, bake/cook, straighten up the kitchen and possibly organize the bedroom closets.


Carpet Cleaning in East Side Portland said...

Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your life. They are interesting even though they are full of rants which are totally human:-)

Sammy said...

I guess that means that we won't see you in the sun house next shabbos... maybe after that shabbos we'll come visit you because i will have my life back (even if it will be full of worrying if I passed or not...!)