Friday, September 28, 2012


Yom Kippur was the typical nightmare for me. I managed to make it through the fast (shaking and whatnot...but I made it.) Didn't go to shul, though Buzz did get to go! Everyone said that he was very well behaved - which I thought was very impressive and adorable. In ~very~ exciting news - as we broke our fast Buzz delighted us with his first word - waving his arms around like a tiny crazy person and trying very hard to get Z's attention he screamed 'Abba' then stared pointedly in Z's direction. Everyone at the table collapsed in giggles. Mostly because Z had been so busy saying something that he'd missed it completely. I figured it was a fluke - but he's definitely been saying it and meaning for Z to pay attention - so... there you've got it!
Yesterday we spent most of the day in The Sun House. We made macarons and Z helped put up S&S's sukkah. The we drove Home, stopping along the way at Rami Levy to pick up some groceries.
Phil came over last night. She's staying with us until we head back to The Sun House on Sunday for the first part of Sukkot.
We made a really easy menu and got everything cooked pretty quickly too. Phil even made 3 batches of cookies...Well, sorta. We turned 1 batch into cookie-bars with pecans, craisins and oats!
I made onion oil for the first time and made Z a small serving of onion soup for lunch with the amazingly caramelized onions.
The apartment is somewhat of a disaster area - but we're all suffering from a terrible attack of allergies/colds so we're not doing anything to remedy the situation.
Tomorrow night I'll do all of the laundry and maybe even bake some jam bars with my homemade plum jam.
On Sunday morning we've got to build the sukkah, pack up our stuff and then head on out as early as possible.
The clock/time change situation has really messed with my head. I'm totally jetlagged and absolutely disoriented. It doesn't help that Buzz is super-off-schedule too.
Ok - hopefully the weather will cool off and my head will un-stuff a bit. Either way it's going to be a fun Shabbos! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2012

One more than three...

Yes - I juiced my limes - with a potato ricer. Because my reamer has disappeared. Truth be told - I never had one to begin with. The ricer doesn't do a perfect job - but it worked well enough.
Shabbat was very nice. Tonny & Tzivia joined us for the weekend. I lost 2 games of Scrabble by a humiliating margin. But I also made the food and it was tasty - so that was a 'win' for me.

Roasted Garlic & salatim, Chicken soup with matzah balls, Whole Roasted Chicken (on a bed of potatoes, onions & sweet potatoes), baby peas, white rice
Roasted Garlic & salatim, Rum&Lime chicken breast, Pastel, FF no-bake noodle kugel, potato knish kugel, curried couscous salad, tossed salad with sweet dressing
Sliced veggies, salatim & dips, tossed salad, tomato onion quiche.
We changed the clocks on Saturday night (well, Sunday morning) and Buzz went to sleep an hour late but woke up almost 2 hours early...Sunday was boring (exhaustion aside) - we gave Buzz pears for the first time and he seemed to enjoy them. I kept myself busy (most of the afternoon) baking my first ever batch of macarons. My macronage can clearly use some work - but I got feet, and they peeled off the paper (so the timing and temp were right) - not too bad for a first try. I made vanilla bean and devil's food chocolate.
Today I filled the macarons. I used strawberry buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and chocolate ganache. They look pretty (and cute) - but I'm sure that with a little work they'll look better! I'm totally going to make blue&white ones for Yom Haatzmaut! Because I might as well plan that now...Ha.
Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to The Sun House - where we'll be spending Yom Kippur. Then rushing back Home on Thursday to cook for Shabbat and build the sukkah. Then possibly some guests for Shabbat followed by a trip back to The Sun House on Sunday for the first day of Sukkot. Busy busy busy busy busy... I'm tired just thinking about it all.

It's been almost 6 months since Buzz was born - which means that it's been about 64 weeks since I had a proper restful night's sleep.

No wonder I'm out of it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiny Human, Humanoid, School Bus!!!

Phil's Mini-Challot!
Like the new family song goes, "It's a new yeea' It's a new yeea' - Everbody Pah'tay!" And thus we welcome in a new Jewish year and wish S a very very happy birthday!!!
One side of Buzz's face - 6 mosquito bites in a row!
More under his hair and on the other cheek!
A very relaxing Shabbos led straight into a jam-packed super-busy Rosh Hashana in The Sun House with just a short Saturday night in-between. A colorful trip to superpharm, teeny challahs, alcoholic beverages and a goodly amount of laughter ensued. The air conditioner was having some issues but Yo'Abba convinced it to cool the house for the duration of the holiday.
'Fixing' the A/C
Buzz was very excited to attend his very first Rosh Hashana tefila and heard the 'tekiot' with Z. We played a lot of Taboo (so that we wouldn't nap and end up with sleepy years.) The food was incredible (as always), the simanim were entertaining, and Dibble's new 'Hero' toys kept everyone on their toes.
Visiting S&S
This morning we visited with S&S and Buzz had a great time! He recharged by napping and then dazzled us all with his award-winning (still)toothless smile. What can I say, the kid is great entertainment.
Buzz Loves his Bubby & Zaydie!!!
On our way out I remembered to ask about the limes. Turns out that a whole bunch were ripe on the tree! I was SO excited! (I'm pretty sure I did a gleeful little dance when S said that it would be alright for me to harvest a few!) It took me ages to pick a whole bunch because I kept stopping to smell them!!! There are a whole 'nother bunch which look like they'll be ready after Sukkot and I'm hoping I'll be invited back to pick some more. When I got home I sat down and opened up all of my lime-ful recipes - now I have to decide what to make with them! Mojitos, chicken marinade, cakes, cookies, limeade... Oh the possibilities!!! (I'm giggling happily while imagining all of these delicacies!)
Limes fresh from the tree!
We made excellent time getting Home, and actually stopped off at the grocery store in Rosh Haayin on the way back. Buzz was intrigued - because he loves new places and lots of activity! Back at Home he was treated to a quartered cucumber - which he absolutely loves! (I'm doing a modified form of 'baby led weaning' - because I don't want him to only have purees and I don't want to wait aaaages to introduce finger food.) He sits well, does really well with texture, and swallows very nicely - so I figured that he'd probably get a kick out of feeding himself. We gave him his first cucumber on chag and he absolutely loved it - so I'm happy to go ahead and let him explore. I give him long fry-shaped pieces so that he's got something to hold onto and something to stick in his mouth. Of course I sit with him (and hearing him gag is slightly nerve-wracking) but there's a ~BIG~ difference between gagging and choking so I relax and he has a lot of fun. Another great thing is that the cucumber comes straight from the fridge so it's nice and cold which probably feels quite nice on his gums.
Mmmm, cucumbers!
It turns out we'll be having some guests for Shabbos so I should really figure out a menu. Thankfully there is soup and matzah balls in the freezer. I also have plenty of chicken in there, so I just have to make a couple of sidedishes. That shouldn't be too hard. I'm hoping to get everything done tomorrow.

If I manage to get everything done maybe I'll treat myself to those mojitos!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Headphones...

When Z feeds the tiny-monster the ~whole~ face gets to eat.
It was a long boring and somehow at the same time ridiculously busy day. Last night Buzz slept straight through from 7:30pm-6:30am with just one kvetchy pacifier-wanting wake-up. Z & I weren't as lucky - a pesky mosquito decided to join us in our room and continued to dive-bomb us and disturb us - despite the mosquito light, plug-in thingamajig AND lavender oil liberally applied to socks on our pillows. It was really frustrating and not restful in the least bit.
At least the baby was in an amusing sort of mood. (He was also in a 'don't walk out of my line of sight and preferably hold me' sort of mood. I made good use of the day - I finally cooked up a batch of gumdrops. I'm hoping that they turn out well. The directions were clear but not overly precise - and based on comments left by previous readers - there's a 50/50 success rate. We did orange, strawberry and lemon. Can you guess which pan is which?
Have I ever mentioned how much Buzz ~LOVES~ the sofa pillows?! He can stare at them for hours. Come to think of it - as long as he's seated on a lap (or lately - on the couch with us) that's exactly what he does. it's so cute. He loves to 'feel' all of the designs.
A few weeks ago I bought a dozen nice sized plums to make into food for the little dude. For some reason (ahem, Buzz) I never got around to doing it and the fruits all over-ripened. I bought new plums and made puree for the tiny-monster but didn't want to throw out the old plums. I mean, they weren't moldy or anything. So I decided to make some jam. I chopped the fruit coarsely and let it macerate in some sugar, vanilla bean, and fresh lemon juice overnight. Then this morning I cooked it down into jam. From 4 cups of stuff I got 2 gorgeous cups of clear, bright plum jam. It smelled amazing.
I also did some laundry, played on the computer with Buzz, helped Z make tomato sauce, bathed the kid (once a sponge-bath - after Z fed him - and then a real bath before bedtime, like I do every night.)

I've really got to figure out my  menu for Shabbos. I definitely don't want leftovers since we'll be heading back to The Sun House on Sunday for Rosh Hashana. Maybe I'll stick with pulling stuff out of the freezer. We've got chicken soup and matzah balls, meatballs or mini chicken pot pies, or I could always just make some chicken and yellow rice... Like I said, I should decide.

I've also got to go check the mail at some point and drop off a book-club-book at a friend's house.

Yes, tomorrow.

Dumb Mosquitoes

- Wash dishes - Wash bottles - Empty plums from ice-cube-trays - Crack open plum seeds - Water & trim back garden - Organize freezer - Straighten up countertop
- Sort laundry
- Bother Z
- Write out budget spreadsheet
- Make pear-sauce
- 2 loads laundry
- Unpack from last weekend
- Clear off (most) of the dining room table
- Dinner for Z (tilapia filet + crash potatoes)
- 'snack' for Buzz
- Freeze sweet-potatoes and pumpkin from Meanma
- Bathe Buzz
- Fold laundry & put away
- Play with Buzz
- Macerate plums and chill for jam (boil down tomorrow.)
And tomorrow I get to do it all over again. Yay...?

Monday, September 10, 2012

How 'Bout Dem Apples?!

As you can probably imagine - it was a very busy weekend. Shabbos was busy but a lot of fun. Then on Sunday we had an outing to the new 'mall' in The Sun House. We even bought a nice fleece footed pajama thingamajig for Buzz. So now he can be toasty warm 2 nights a week - unless of course I start doing laundry every single day - all winter long. Ha. The good news (for the kid) is that another 3 sets of PJs should be coming from across the pond.
This morning I made 2 trays worth of 'baby plums' for tiny monster. They looked delicious and were such a pretty color! (I actually had to stop myself from tasting them - it was so hard!) Tomorrow the trays will get emptied out and I'll get to make the pear-sauce and some more applesauce (since he seems to be obsessed with it.) Though truth be told - slightly cooked apples in his mesh-feeder bag really really make him happy. He sucked on the apple part and then on the handle - just to make sure that it didn't feel left out!
We played with our new 'ABC' links today - it was a lot of fun and the afternoon was brought to us by the letters 'S' & 'C' - which were today's favorites. The links are great - except that the alphabet came with two 'J's and no 'K'...weird - right?

Friday, September 07, 2012

Family Fun!

I'm sure you - my loyal and lovely readers - are bored of seeing a zillion pictures of Buzz - but you're just too kind to say anything. So I decided to spice things up a bit. Now you can see two adorable tiny-people! Lil' Freddie and Buzz got to spend a long weekend together. It's been a while!
We haven't actually had the whole family at the table since our awesome cousins visited a couple of months ago. (Was it really that long ago already?!)
It was a crazy sort of day. Late insane shopping spree at the grocery store, very late impromptu dinner, then ice cream for dessert. It was a lot of fun - even though it was hectic beyond belief.
This morning the soup and challah dough got put up. Pasta got made for angel-hair-torte and veggies got peeled for an assortment of things. Towels got folded, more groceries got bought and of course a lot of pictures got taken.
Phil made us some pina coladas. Because they're the treat that we've been cheating on the rice with...Don't get me wrong - rice is great (see how much Phil loves it?!)
Buzz got some special treats for breakfast and second breakfast. The kiddos played and had a good time - with everything from new silicon bottle brushes to taggie-blankets.
The Freddies and Timmy went to Jeru. Z & I have to go out to the jeweler to get the pearl re-glued to the post of my earring. (I'm so sad that it fell off - but am glad that I didn't lose the pearl!)
Look how nicely they play. (I think that they're just excited to see other beings that are their own size.)
 Look how shmushy those faces are! I mean - I could just eat them up!!!
Have an amazing and restful weekend everybody!! See you in a few days!