Friday, September 28, 2012


Yom Kippur was the typical nightmare for me. I managed to make it through the fast (shaking and whatnot...but I made it.) Didn't go to shul, though Buzz did get to go! Everyone said that he was very well behaved - which I thought was very impressive and adorable. In ~very~ exciting news - as we broke our fast Buzz delighted us with his first word - waving his arms around like a tiny crazy person and trying very hard to get Z's attention he screamed 'Abba' then stared pointedly in Z's direction. Everyone at the table collapsed in giggles. Mostly because Z had been so busy saying something that he'd missed it completely. I figured it was a fluke - but he's definitely been saying it and meaning for Z to pay attention - so... there you've got it!
Yesterday we spent most of the day in The Sun House. We made macarons and Z helped put up S&S's sukkah. The we drove Home, stopping along the way at Rami Levy to pick up some groceries.
Phil came over last night. She's staying with us until we head back to The Sun House on Sunday for the first part of Sukkot.
We made a really easy menu and got everything cooked pretty quickly too. Phil even made 3 batches of cookies...Well, sorta. We turned 1 batch into cookie-bars with pecans, craisins and oats!
I made onion oil for the first time and made Z a small serving of onion soup for lunch with the amazingly caramelized onions.
The apartment is somewhat of a disaster area - but we're all suffering from a terrible attack of allergies/colds so we're not doing anything to remedy the situation.
Tomorrow night I'll do all of the laundry and maybe even bake some jam bars with my homemade plum jam.
On Sunday morning we've got to build the sukkah, pack up our stuff and then head on out as early as possible.
The clock/time change situation has really messed with my head. I'm totally jetlagged and absolutely disoriented. It doesn't help that Buzz is super-off-schedule too.
Ok - hopefully the weather will cool off and my head will un-stuff a bit. Either way it's going to be a fun Shabbos! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!
Have a great weekend!

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