Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Headphones...

When Z feeds the tiny-monster the ~whole~ face gets to eat.
It was a long boring and somehow at the same time ridiculously busy day. Last night Buzz slept straight through from 7:30pm-6:30am with just one kvetchy pacifier-wanting wake-up. Z & I weren't as lucky - a pesky mosquito decided to join us in our room and continued to dive-bomb us and disturb us - despite the mosquito light, plug-in thingamajig AND lavender oil liberally applied to socks on our pillows. It was really frustrating and not restful in the least bit.
At least the baby was in an amusing sort of mood. (He was also in a 'don't walk out of my line of sight and preferably hold me' sort of mood. I made good use of the day - I finally cooked up a batch of gumdrops. I'm hoping that they turn out well. The directions were clear but not overly precise - and based on comments left by previous readers - there's a 50/50 success rate. We did orange, strawberry and lemon. Can you guess which pan is which?
Have I ever mentioned how much Buzz ~LOVES~ the sofa pillows?! He can stare at them for hours. Come to think of it - as long as he's seated on a lap (or lately - on the couch with us) that's exactly what he does. it's so cute. He loves to 'feel' all of the designs.
A few weeks ago I bought a dozen nice sized plums to make into food for the little dude. For some reason (ahem, Buzz) I never got around to doing it and the fruits all over-ripened. I bought new plums and made puree for the tiny-monster but didn't want to throw out the old plums. I mean, they weren't moldy or anything. So I decided to make some jam. I chopped the fruit coarsely and let it macerate in some sugar, vanilla bean, and fresh lemon juice overnight. Then this morning I cooked it down into jam. From 4 cups of stuff I got 2 gorgeous cups of clear, bright plum jam. It smelled amazing.
I also did some laundry, played on the computer with Buzz, helped Z make tomato sauce, bathed the kid (once a sponge-bath - after Z fed him - and then a real bath before bedtime, like I do every night.)

I've really got to figure out my  menu for Shabbos. I definitely don't want leftovers since we'll be heading back to The Sun House on Sunday for Rosh Hashana. Maybe I'll stick with pulling stuff out of the freezer. We've got chicken soup and matzah balls, meatballs or mini chicken pot pies, or I could always just make some chicken and yellow rice... Like I said, I should decide.

I've also got to go check the mail at some point and drop off a book-club-book at a friend's house.

Yes, tomorrow.

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