Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Crystal Clear

Not much to say today. It was a long and tiring day for everybody. The most fun was watching while Buzz excitedly slurped up his apples and pretended to be at the beach.
I actually spent most of the day researching easy-to-sew 'upcycling' projects. Z and I have a lot of old clothes which we don't wear. I've decided to try to sew parts of a wardrobe for the upcoming winter weather. I'm thinking cute flannel lined denim overalls and some toasty warm fleece pants for lounging around in.
Naps are hard to come by - but with a whole bunch of tush-pats, some shushing and cat-in-the-hat to stroke - naps are a whole lot easier to find.
Today Buzz wore an adorable outfit that his Aunt-Phil chose for him. Adorable Captain Buzz indeed.
In exciting news it looks like we'll be heading back to The Sun House for yet another weekend of fun and craziness.

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