Friday, September 07, 2012

Family Fun!

I'm sure you - my loyal and lovely readers - are bored of seeing a zillion pictures of Buzz - but you're just too kind to say anything. So I decided to spice things up a bit. Now you can see two adorable tiny-people! Lil' Freddie and Buzz got to spend a long weekend together. It's been a while!
We haven't actually had the whole family at the table since our awesome cousins visited a couple of months ago. (Was it really that long ago already?!)
It was a crazy sort of day. Late insane shopping spree at the grocery store, very late impromptu dinner, then ice cream for dessert. It was a lot of fun - even though it was hectic beyond belief.
This morning the soup and challah dough got put up. Pasta got made for angel-hair-torte and veggies got peeled for an assortment of things. Towels got folded, more groceries got bought and of course a lot of pictures got taken.
Phil made us some pina coladas. Because they're the treat that we've been cheating on the rice with...Don't get me wrong - rice is great (see how much Phil loves it?!)
Buzz got some special treats for breakfast and second breakfast. The kiddos played and had a good time - with everything from new silicon bottle brushes to taggie-blankets.
The Freddies and Timmy went to Jeru. Z & I have to go out to the jeweler to get the pearl re-glued to the post of my earring. (I'm so sad that it fell off - but am glad that I didn't lose the pearl!)
Look how nicely they play. (I think that they're just excited to see other beings that are their own size.)
 Look how shmushy those faces are! I mean - I could just eat them up!!!
Have an amazing and restful weekend everybody!! See you in a few days!

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