Monday, September 10, 2012

How 'Bout Dem Apples?!

As you can probably imagine - it was a very busy weekend. Shabbos was busy but a lot of fun. Then on Sunday we had an outing to the new 'mall' in The Sun House. We even bought a nice fleece footed pajama thingamajig for Buzz. So now he can be toasty warm 2 nights a week - unless of course I start doing laundry every single day - all winter long. Ha. The good news (for the kid) is that another 3 sets of PJs should be coming from across the pond.
This morning I made 2 trays worth of 'baby plums' for tiny monster. They looked delicious and were such a pretty color! (I actually had to stop myself from tasting them - it was so hard!) Tomorrow the trays will get emptied out and I'll get to make the pear-sauce and some more applesauce (since he seems to be obsessed with it.) Though truth be told - slightly cooked apples in his mesh-feeder bag really really make him happy. He sucked on the apple part and then on the handle - just to make sure that it didn't feel left out!
We played with our new 'ABC' links today - it was a lot of fun and the afternoon was brought to us by the letters 'S' & 'C' - which were today's favorites. The links are great - except that the alphabet came with two 'J's and no 'K'...weird - right?

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