Wednesday, September 05, 2012

No Pat, No!!!

Buzz has 2 times of the day that compete for very favorite. One is food-time - as soon as he sees the bib and spoon his big eyes light up and he giggles uncontrollably. The other time is bath-time. Not so much because of the Imma/Buzz bonding time - but because it means he gets to suck a washcloth bone dry and when every last drop of water has been drained - he just dunks it into the tub and starts the whole thing over. I know he loves his washcloths because he won't let go of them and every night Z has to pry it out of his hand when PJ time comes.
I wouldn't say that today was completely unproductive. I finally managed to nag get Z to hand the window-shades up in the bedrooms. (Now all that's left are the support hooks for the shower-rods.) Z also washed the dishes. Did I mention that he made me dinner last night? Yup, he did. I didn't even ask. So to do my fair-share I made lunch today - without being asked - he got p'titim (cascasoon style) and a little white fishie.
Just for reference sake - the 2 photos above and one below are a direct representation of how I get anything done on the computer nowadays. So if there are typos or something doesn't seem to make any sense - it's because I'm typing one handed while chuckling at (and being distracted by) the oddest collection of gurgles, giggles and sounds that a kid can make.
When Z and I sat down to eat the aforementioned lunch (that I slaved away in a hot kitchen to prepare. Literally.) Buzz got upset - we hadn't invited him to sit and eat with us. I decided to try something new. I peeled and quarters a nice thick carrot. It was freezing cold from the fridge and I figured that he could gum away on it. Gum away at it he did. He's still toothless (not the dragon - he just doesn't have any teeth yet) so I wasn't worried about him biting off chunks and choking on them.
Afterwards - Z tried to feed his ear. But it didn't really accomplish much. Only about an hour and a half later (while trying to put him into his crib for a nap) did he realize that we'd given him food - but that he hadn't actually eaten. (He's a quick one I tell you...) So I stuck him in his tiny-rocker and fed him some new treats - green beans! He got very excited when he saw green - then he tasted them and made a face as if to say, "these peas have gone bad." but he kept opening his mouth and guiding the spoon in for more - so I guess he was happy with them. For dessert he had a bit of homemade sugar-free applesauce - which he has been enjoying for the last week or so. (I know - I know, I said I wasn't doing fruit yet - but the apples were getting old, so I sauced them - then I realized I didn't have unfrozen cubes to give him, but the applesauce was ready... so - we fed him apples. He slurps them up ~oh-so-happily~!
Where do the days go? They seem to drag on and fly by. Day by day. It's crazy. I'm trying to enjoy the last of the warm summer weather - or maybe it's the light and the warm breeze. It's hard to tell.

I'll leave you with a photo-chronicle of "What to do with a Carrot the Size of Your Face"...

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