Monday, September 24, 2012

One more than three...

Yes - I juiced my limes - with a potato ricer. Because my reamer has disappeared. Truth be told - I never had one to begin with. The ricer doesn't do a perfect job - but it worked well enough.
Shabbat was very nice. Tonny & Tzivia joined us for the weekend. I lost 2 games of Scrabble by a humiliating margin. But I also made the food and it was tasty - so that was a 'win' for me.

Roasted Garlic & salatim, Chicken soup with matzah balls, Whole Roasted Chicken (on a bed of potatoes, onions & sweet potatoes), baby peas, white rice
Roasted Garlic & salatim, Rum&Lime chicken breast, Pastel, FF no-bake noodle kugel, potato knish kugel, curried couscous salad, tossed salad with sweet dressing
Sliced veggies, salatim & dips, tossed salad, tomato onion quiche.
We changed the clocks on Saturday night (well, Sunday morning) and Buzz went to sleep an hour late but woke up almost 2 hours early...Sunday was boring (exhaustion aside) - we gave Buzz pears for the first time and he seemed to enjoy them. I kept myself busy (most of the afternoon) baking my first ever batch of macarons. My macronage can clearly use some work - but I got feet, and they peeled off the paper (so the timing and temp were right) - not too bad for a first try. I made vanilla bean and devil's food chocolate.
Today I filled the macarons. I used strawberry buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and chocolate ganache. They look pretty (and cute) - but I'm sure that with a little work they'll look better! I'm totally going to make blue&white ones for Yom Haatzmaut! Because I might as well plan that now...Ha.
Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to The Sun House - where we'll be spending Yom Kippur. Then rushing back Home on Thursday to cook for Shabbat and build the sukkah. Then possibly some guests for Shabbat followed by a trip back to The Sun House on Sunday for the first day of Sukkot. Busy busy busy busy busy... I'm tired just thinking about it all.

It's been almost 6 months since Buzz was born - which means that it's been about 64 weeks since I had a proper restful night's sleep.

No wonder I'm out of it.

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