Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiny Human, Humanoid, School Bus!!!

Phil's Mini-Challot!
Like the new family song goes, "It's a new yeea' It's a new yeea' - Everbody Pah'tay!" And thus we welcome in a new Jewish year and wish S a very very happy birthday!!!
One side of Buzz's face - 6 mosquito bites in a row!
More under his hair and on the other cheek!
A very relaxing Shabbos led straight into a jam-packed super-busy Rosh Hashana in The Sun House with just a short Saturday night in-between. A colorful trip to superpharm, teeny challahs, alcoholic beverages and a goodly amount of laughter ensued. The air conditioner was having some issues but Yo'Abba convinced it to cool the house for the duration of the holiday.
'Fixing' the A/C
Buzz was very excited to attend his very first Rosh Hashana tefila and heard the 'tekiot' with Z. We played a lot of Taboo (so that we wouldn't nap and end up with sleepy years.) The food was incredible (as always), the simanim were entertaining, and Dibble's new 'Hero' toys kept everyone on their toes.
Visiting S&S
This morning we visited with S&S and Buzz had a great time! He recharged by napping and then dazzled us all with his award-winning (still)toothless smile. What can I say, the kid is great entertainment.
Buzz Loves his Bubby & Zaydie!!!
On our way out I remembered to ask about the limes. Turns out that a whole bunch were ripe on the tree! I was SO excited! (I'm pretty sure I did a gleeful little dance when S said that it would be alright for me to harvest a few!) It took me ages to pick a whole bunch because I kept stopping to smell them!!! There are a whole 'nother bunch which look like they'll be ready after Sukkot and I'm hoping I'll be invited back to pick some more. When I got home I sat down and opened up all of my lime-ful recipes - now I have to decide what to make with them! Mojitos, chicken marinade, cakes, cookies, limeade... Oh the possibilities!!! (I'm giggling happily while imagining all of these delicacies!)
Limes fresh from the tree!
We made excellent time getting Home, and actually stopped off at the grocery store in Rosh Haayin on the way back. Buzz was intrigued - because he loves new places and lots of activity! Back at Home he was treated to a quartered cucumber - which he absolutely loves! (I'm doing a modified form of 'baby led weaning' - because I don't want him to only have purees and I don't want to wait aaaages to introduce finger food.) He sits well, does really well with texture, and swallows very nicely - so I figured that he'd probably get a kick out of feeding himself. We gave him his first cucumber on chag and he absolutely loved it - so I'm happy to go ahead and let him explore. I give him long fry-shaped pieces so that he's got something to hold onto and something to stick in his mouth. Of course I sit with him (and hearing him gag is slightly nerve-wracking) but there's a ~BIG~ difference between gagging and choking so I relax and he has a lot of fun. Another great thing is that the cucumber comes straight from the fridge so it's nice and cold which probably feels quite nice on his gums.
Mmmm, cucumbers!
It turns out we'll be having some guests for Shabbos so I should really figure out a menu. Thankfully there is soup and matzah balls in the freezer. I also have plenty of chicken in there, so I just have to make a couple of sidedishes. That shouldn't be too hard. I'm hoping to get everything done tomorrow.

If I manage to get everything done maybe I'll treat myself to those mojitos!

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