Monday, October 29, 2012


It rains and pours. Winter comes. It's getting chilly. The sun is shining today, so I should be happy. I should do something useful and productive. Why not bake bread? Or cook for shabbos? Or clean up? Too much effort. Forget the parties and gatherings - far too much work and no appreciation.
I painted my nails teal - but when they were done I realized that I wasn't really feeling the color. Oh well, it'll peel before the week is out. I'm sure of this because dishes are never-ending, laundry keeps piling up and the bathrooms still need to get cleaned.
Game night doesn't look feasible this year. People keep cancelling their plans. Everyone is advancing except for me. Stuck. Here. Nowhere to go. Nothing to be proud of or to look forward to.
And the noise. I wish I could just stop hearing. My head hurts so much I can't hear the sounds that I used to love - water rushing, wind blowing, birds singing, the blessed sound of nothing. Ear aching empty nothing. I dream of it - but still I don't hear it.
Pizza and wine for breakfast. That will solve everything. Won't it? Buzz seems to think so. Or at least that's all he's offered so he'll take what he can get. It's a shame that we're out of donuts.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fancy Fig Ramen

Where the heck did the entire week go?! It was just Monday!!!

Tuesday night Phil came to visit. I made really awesome chinese-style chicken with broccoli served over sticky rice. Then we watched our favorite youtube clips.

On Wednesday morning we enjoyed our 'usual' breakfast of fries and scrambled eggs. Buzz joined us at the table and had some squishy fries too. Phil, Buzz and I journeyed to the post-office and picked up the pretty new baby carrier. While Z and a friend worked on a school project for 8 hours (yes it was only the third day of school) Phil and I watched some tv and 'relaxed' (if holding a screaming, teething, miserable 6 month old can be considered relaxing anyway.)

Thursday was a day from hell. Buzz took a triple nap in the morning which threw off his entire feeding schedule. He was miserable and in pain so I dosed him with acamoli. He would not play with any of his toys. He would not sit in his rocking chair or booster seat or on his playmat. He would not let me put him into the stretchy wrap carrier, the sling or the new soft structured carrier. I held him for 5 hours at a stretch, while standing and rocking him and still he alternated between screaming and moaning in my arms. He took two more unusually long naps and at 5:30pm when he seemed tired I put him in his crib and he fell asleep with no shushing or wiggling. He woke up at 10:30pm - eyes wide open - but didn't cry. Instead he lay in bed whimpering softly. I was so sad for him. By the time we made him a bottle he'd fallen asleep again.

He woke up in a seemingly cheerful mood this morning. The skies dawned blood-red and I wonder whether it will be a stormy day. It thundered all day yesterday, rained a bit and lightning flashed brightly in the horizon all night long.

I seem to have survived the first week of the semester - barely. And I feel like this sans-job - which is going to have to change sometime soon. Based on this week I'm pretty confident that I will need to decide on a drug-of-choice. The way I see it - coffee works but the caffiene prevents me from sleeping - and I'm super-stressed so at the rate I'm going I'll either need anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressants really soon...or I suppose I could always self-medicate with some marijuana. I live in a college town - it can't be that hard to get. And before you get all nervous about me smoking - don't worry, I'd never do that. It's a disgusting filthy habit and I like my teeth pearly white. I do however make AWESOME baked goods - so that's always an option...

7am on a Friday, but I've been up for over an hour. I guess I should go and clean the entire house and cook food for Shabbos (since I haven't even started yet and it starts relatively early.) On the bright side - I don't have a computer to procrastinate on anymore. Now that the desktop has officially died, Z uses the laptop for all of his schoolwork - which means he takes it to class all day and then uses it all evening and night to do homework. For Z this means that his work gets done, for Buzz it means my undivided attention and no breaks and for me it means hell.

See how I did that? Brought this post right back to where I started it. I love closed-loop-writing.

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Nineteenth!

Today we had a jam-packed day full of friends and family! It was Z's first day of class and Freddie's first full day as an 'officially qualified' nurse! Z's friends came over and Sara came by too. The kiddos had a blast trying out each others pacifiers and rolling around on the rugs. I baked a batch of chocolate donuts (which I dipped in dark chocolate ganache - obviously) and made some pasta with mushroom cream sauce for lunch. Later in the evening the booster seat and bath-ring were delivered. Now Buzz can eat at the table with us and won't be able to launch himself off of his tiny-chair in the bathtub.
Freddie found a great sale so she's picking up a winter wardrobe for Buzz. I managed to get Buzz bathed and into pjs on my own for the first time. I'm hoping that his last bottle and bedtime go smoothly too. He seems to be in a relatively good mood - so I'm hopeful. I wonder what time Z will be Home tonight. I also wonder what time he'll have class at tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a lot to write - (in what seems to be turning into a weekly blog post) - but I'm limited by my gadget-of-the-moment and ridiculous time constraints. So I'll give you a bunch of fun photos and hopefully I'll get a chance to update with words soon!
Quick highlights: Buzz is cutting teeth (finally!) and is all pudged up 'round the gills, so he should be doing his 6-month 'spurting' any day now. Akiva & Emunah joined us for a long weekend. Saturday night we went to a 'gamenight' hosted by friends on the other side of town and when we got home I made 24-hour pizza for everyone. Today we did another practice run for when Z starts school tomorrow.
Tomorrow Sister/Cousin fun! The next day Sister/Aunt fun! So far this is quite a busy and fun-filled week.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Sound magical..."

Woke up this morning all 'gung-ho' about getting stuff done. I cooked up a big pot of chicken soup and a full batch of matzah balls. I also re-organized my 'plastic bags and whatnot' shelf in the cupboard - I'll have to take a picture of that for you - I hope that this way it will actually stay somewhat organized. I wiped out one of the kitchen cabinets (because it turn out that when you clean the stove-top half of the water pours down into the cabinet - so there was a pool from my Saturday night cleaning-spree that had to get mopped up.) Basically that made a lot of dishes and I just piled them all up on the counter - so that's another job for me to do tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to bake challot and a batch of sugar cookies. If everything goes according to plan we'll go out to Rosh Haayin and get the grocery shopping done too. Our Shabbos guests might be coming on Thursday evening so I'm trying my hardest to get as much prepared in advance as possible
Remember how yesterday I told you all about the donuts that I made? Well - I just ~had~ to show them off! They're pumpkin spice flavor and they're totally FF! I topped them with a choice of chocolate ganache, vanilla glaze and I left a few plain because - I always loved the 'original' flavor.
So it kind of feels like my birthday because there was this awesome dessert and because I spent a rather large amount of carefully-hoarded birthday-money on a fancy new contraption which I'm quite excited to receive. I finally ordered a soft structured baby carrier. After much debating and deliberating I decided on the Beco Butterfly2. (Mostly because I like the inner-harness which make back-carries less scary to me but also because it's easier to get on&off than the wrap and is better for the back than the sling - plus it can hold up to 45lb worth of kiddo - so that should last me a good long while.) I managed to snag a sale so I got it for 100nis cheaper than it's usually sold - which is a significant discount - but when you're paying over 500nis for something...yeah - anyway - I'm really excited for it to arrive and can't wait to take it for a spin. I'll probably try it out first for washing dishes - since the biggest issue we seem to come across is that Buzz wants to be held. ALL the time. It's ridiculous. And while you veteran parents and parents of multiple children say 'just let him cry' and things to that effect - he's not your kid - so butt out.

Speaking of the Tiny Monster - it's looking more and more like he won't be a toothless dragon for much longer. Yesterday I could already see the white line just below his gums and he has been gnawing away on stuff, got a rash, drooling up a storm, and sobbing when things touch his gums. Poor kiddo and poor parents' arms.

Just let the teeth come in quickly and correctly and let that be the end of it.

Off to battle mosquitoes - though I'm pretty sure they're winning the battle. Even though Freddie won the contest over Sukkot I'm pretty sure I'm in the lead now. 13 since last night. This is awful. Where the heck is the winter?! I'm ready to complain about the cold!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm trying really hard to decide whether White Chocolate Peppermint Ganache can be considered a balanced and nutritious snack - because I've been eating it straight from the freezer by the spoonful...
It's been almost a week since I last posted?! Do I sound shocked, horrified and confused? Good. Because it feels like just yesterday. My entire sense-of-time has been sen\t backwards and upside-down ever since the beginning of April. Weird, huh? Seriously though - I hope I 'normalize' at some point because I hate getting to places late and I hate burning cookies because the speed of time changes depending on whether I've recently checked a clock or timer.
The wedding last week was really lovely. The ride was really really long (just under 2 hours in each direction) thankfully the ride there was quick and quiet. The ride home was like a scene from a horror movie. (Just imagine freaked out and terrified screaming and shrieking for about 40 minutes straight. I recorded about 30 seconds of it and those 30 seconds drag on for an eternity - so if you think you're brave I'll send you a link and you can listen to it 80 times to get a feel of it...)
Thursday we took a trip to Yesh to pick up groceries for Shabbos. We also checked out the childrens clothing stores but came out empty-handed because they had no long sleeve onesies or pants.
Friday was jam-packed and hectic - and we didn't even clean the house. Thankfully the cooking got done (it took forever even though half of the food came from the freezer.) By Friday night we crashed on the couches and almost didn't even have the meal - we were just exhausted.
Shabbos morning was just like every other morning of the lase week and a half (Buzz has been treating us to 5am wake-ups - and what time he goes to sleep at night has no bearing on what time he wakes up in the morning - we tried putting him to bed earlier and later.)
After Havdalah - Z convinced me to clean the kitchen and I convinced him to clean the floor - so our shabbos cleaning got done on motzei shabbat instead of Friday morning. I scrubbed the stovetop and counter then washed the baby bottles.
Sunday morning was very busy. I baked a batch of Pecan Shortbread Cookies for Z. I even used butter so that they'd taste authentic. Sara and Yael were dropping stuff off at the dorm so they stopped by to say hi and hang out with Buzz. So Herbed Breadsticks got made - aren't they pretty? I 'under'-baked them and then tossed them back into the oven to crisp up before the guests arrived. Then I served them with a chunky tomato sauce for dipping.
I got a bit more adventurous a few hours later when I finally took my gorgeous new donut pans for a whirl. I whipped up a batch of FF pumpkin spice donuts. They came out of the pans SO nicely. When they had cooled I split them into groups of three and topped them with chocolate ganache, white glaze with pecan struesel, and I left the last bunch plain (partly because they're really good plain and partly because I wanted to do the butter/sugar&cinnamon mixture thing - but they get soggy if made too far in advance.)
Yesterday was the second Sunday of the month which meant that last night book club convened. We finally all agreed that we 'liked' the book. (A first for our picky little club.) We read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It was quite an interesting read. The meeting was here at our house this month - so it was nice to be able to just stay in my pajamas (because I'm crazy lazy like that.)
Today has been pretty humdrum. Z took the laptop and spent a few hours working at the library - he's trying to get his work done before school starts next week. So Buzz and I spent the morning alone. The tiny monster seems to be teething terribly. Between the drool and the sadness pouring out of him - it was tough. (It wasn't made any easier by the fact that he really prefers getting bottles from his father...)
I'm working on my shopping list and a menu for the week - especially for Shabbos. We're having guests and there's a lot to do. I'm hoping to bake my challah tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the chicken soup made as early at possible. And there's a bunch of other stuff that I'd prefer to have done by Thursday afternoon if possible. Hopefully I'll manage to get it all done.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Macaronage Patronage

I'm not going to lie and say that this was the best Sukkot we've ever had. In fact most of it was downright awful. Thankfully the week ended on a much better note than it began.
Shabbat was really nice. We love it when Ayala comes to visit for the weekend and the funniest moment had to be when Buzz realized that she was wearing pajamas just like his! The weather was actually really nice and besides for the rush to get everything done and the swarms of bees - it was actually quite enjoyable.
We headed out to The Freddies for simchat torah. It was really a great way to end the holidays and I'm so glad and thankful that we invited ourselves they invited us to join them! Gosh that Freddie sure can cook - everything was absolutely delicious and I was really excited when she offered us goody-bags to take home.
We gave Buzz his first tastes of challah over shabbos and he enjoyed some more on simchat torah too. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it - but the 'toothless dinosaur' face he makes when it first goes in is hysterical and priceless.
This morning I decided to start the day off right so I made scrambled eggs and french fries for breakfast. I shared the fries with Z and Buzz got very jealous that we hadn't invited him to the party. So we gave him a fry and he was thrilled to eat with us. It was quite amusing and he was very proud of himself. (Upset that we wouldn't let him stick his fingers into the ketchup - but happy enough to have 'won the battle' and gotten a fry.)
 He then watched Z take down the sukkah. It's always sad to put it away since it won't be back for a whole 'nother year. Who knows - maybe next year will be even better. Until then Buzz will miss the shiny decorations.
I've really got to get the house back in order. It's somewhat of a disaster-area and I've been putting bandaids on the 'booboos' so to speak for the last few weeks in terms of cleaning.
Tomorrow we'll be out all day (and most of the night) because we've got a cousin's wedding to attend. I'm sure it will be lovely but I am REALLY not looking forward to the almost 2-hour drive in each direction. Buzz will most definitely be missing his bedtime and Z&I will be getting a lot less sleep than we need tomorrow night. I still have screaming night-terrors from the last time we attempted a late-night trip like this - it was right after tisha b'av and the baby screamed bloody-murder from when we got home at a little after 11 until 4:00 in the morning. Somehow he was still awake (for the day) at 5:45am *shudders* and he skipped all of his naps the following day.
 Hopefully this time will be better.