Monday, October 01, 2012

Alas, Jim.

The holiday from he11. Because everyone loves being sick (with a sick baby) over a holiday vacation...

To add insult to injury - it rained, was over 60% humidity, and there were so many mosquitoes that it was somewhat like trying to live in a swamp. The fan was on a timer - but it was on the wrong timer.

The bug-zapper (bought to ward off mosquitoes) was mostly effective (besides for the bugs that were too smart to fly into it) and there were some unfortunate critters that got zapped too - thankfully the largest among them managed to walk away.

No hot water meant no showers or baths so Buzz kept dinner's sweet potatoes in his fingers for 24 hours.

Tomorrow morning we're taking Buzz back to the doctor because his cough sounds pretty bad and he's had it for a week.


So much for that 'fun' holiday...

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