Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm trying really hard to decide whether White Chocolate Peppermint Ganache can be considered a balanced and nutritious snack - because I've been eating it straight from the freezer by the spoonful...
It's been almost a week since I last posted?! Do I sound shocked, horrified and confused? Good. Because it feels like just yesterday. My entire sense-of-time has been sen\t backwards and upside-down ever since the beginning of April. Weird, huh? Seriously though - I hope I 'normalize' at some point because I hate getting to places late and I hate burning cookies because the speed of time changes depending on whether I've recently checked a clock or timer.
The wedding last week was really lovely. The ride was really really long (just under 2 hours in each direction) thankfully the ride there was quick and quiet. The ride home was like a scene from a horror movie. (Just imagine freaked out and terrified screaming and shrieking for about 40 minutes straight. I recorded about 30 seconds of it and those 30 seconds drag on for an eternity - so if you think you're brave I'll send you a link and you can listen to it 80 times to get a feel of it...)
Thursday we took a trip to Yesh to pick up groceries for Shabbos. We also checked out the childrens clothing stores but came out empty-handed because they had no long sleeve onesies or pants.
Friday was jam-packed and hectic - and we didn't even clean the house. Thankfully the cooking got done (it took forever even though half of the food came from the freezer.) By Friday night we crashed on the couches and almost didn't even have the meal - we were just exhausted.
Shabbos morning was just like every other morning of the lase week and a half (Buzz has been treating us to 5am wake-ups - and what time he goes to sleep at night has no bearing on what time he wakes up in the morning - we tried putting him to bed earlier and later.)
After Havdalah - Z convinced me to clean the kitchen and I convinced him to clean the floor - so our shabbos cleaning got done on motzei shabbat instead of Friday morning. I scrubbed the stovetop and counter then washed the baby bottles.
Sunday morning was very busy. I baked a batch of Pecan Shortbread Cookies for Z. I even used butter so that they'd taste authentic. Sara and Yael were dropping stuff off at the dorm so they stopped by to say hi and hang out with Buzz. So Herbed Breadsticks got made - aren't they pretty? I 'under'-baked them and then tossed them back into the oven to crisp up before the guests arrived. Then I served them with a chunky tomato sauce for dipping.
I got a bit more adventurous a few hours later when I finally took my gorgeous new donut pans for a whirl. I whipped up a batch of FF pumpkin spice donuts. They came out of the pans SO nicely. When they had cooled I split them into groups of three and topped them with chocolate ganache, white glaze with pecan struesel, and I left the last bunch plain (partly because they're really good plain and partly because I wanted to do the butter/sugar&cinnamon mixture thing - but they get soggy if made too far in advance.)
Yesterday was the second Sunday of the month which meant that last night book club convened. We finally all agreed that we 'liked' the book. (A first for our picky little club.) We read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It was quite an interesting read. The meeting was here at our house this month - so it was nice to be able to just stay in my pajamas (because I'm crazy lazy like that.)
Today has been pretty humdrum. Z took the laptop and spent a few hours working at the library - he's trying to get his work done before school starts next week. So Buzz and I spent the morning alone. The tiny monster seems to be teething terribly. Between the drool and the sadness pouring out of him - it was tough. (It wasn't made any easier by the fact that he really prefers getting bottles from his father...)
I'm working on my shopping list and a menu for the week - especially for Shabbos. We're having guests and there's a lot to do. I'm hoping to bake my challah tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the chicken soup made as early at possible. And there's a bunch of other stuff that I'd prefer to have done by Thursday afternoon if possible. Hopefully I'll manage to get it all done.

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Freddie said...

There are 4 lasagnas cooling on my counter and we took an hour long walk today!It made me feel productive :)
Come visit me and we'll go shopping for baby clothes!