Friday, October 26, 2012

Fancy Fig Ramen

Where the heck did the entire week go?! It was just Monday!!!

Tuesday night Phil came to visit. I made really awesome chinese-style chicken with broccoli served over sticky rice. Then we watched our favorite youtube clips.

On Wednesday morning we enjoyed our 'usual' breakfast of fries and scrambled eggs. Buzz joined us at the table and had some squishy fries too. Phil, Buzz and I journeyed to the post-office and picked up the pretty new baby carrier. While Z and a friend worked on a school project for 8 hours (yes it was only the third day of school) Phil and I watched some tv and 'relaxed' (if holding a screaming, teething, miserable 6 month old can be considered relaxing anyway.)

Thursday was a day from hell. Buzz took a triple nap in the morning which threw off his entire feeding schedule. He was miserable and in pain so I dosed him with acamoli. He would not play with any of his toys. He would not sit in his rocking chair or booster seat or on his playmat. He would not let me put him into the stretchy wrap carrier, the sling or the new soft structured carrier. I held him for 5 hours at a stretch, while standing and rocking him and still he alternated between screaming and moaning in my arms. He took two more unusually long naps and at 5:30pm when he seemed tired I put him in his crib and he fell asleep with no shushing or wiggling. He woke up at 10:30pm - eyes wide open - but didn't cry. Instead he lay in bed whimpering softly. I was so sad for him. By the time we made him a bottle he'd fallen asleep again.

He woke up in a seemingly cheerful mood this morning. The skies dawned blood-red and I wonder whether it will be a stormy day. It thundered all day yesterday, rained a bit and lightning flashed brightly in the horizon all night long.

I seem to have survived the first week of the semester - barely. And I feel like this sans-job - which is going to have to change sometime soon. Based on this week I'm pretty confident that I will need to decide on a drug-of-choice. The way I see it - coffee works but the caffiene prevents me from sleeping - and I'm super-stressed so at the rate I'm going I'll either need anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressants really soon...or I suppose I could always self-medicate with some marijuana. I live in a college town - it can't be that hard to get. And before you get all nervous about me smoking - don't worry, I'd never do that. It's a disgusting filthy habit and I like my teeth pearly white. I do however make AWESOME baked goods - so that's always an option...

7am on a Friday, but I've been up for over an hour. I guess I should go and clean the entire house and cook food for Shabbos (since I haven't even started yet and it starts relatively early.) On the bright side - I don't have a computer to procrastinate on anymore. Now that the desktop has officially died, Z uses the laptop for all of his schoolwork - which means he takes it to class all day and then uses it all evening and night to do homework. For Z this means that his work gets done, for Buzz it means my undivided attention and no breaks and for me it means hell.

See how I did that? Brought this post right back to where I started it. I love closed-loop-writing.

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