Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a lot to write - (in what seems to be turning into a weekly blog post) - but I'm limited by my gadget-of-the-moment and ridiculous time constraints. So I'll give you a bunch of fun photos and hopefully I'll get a chance to update with words soon!
Quick highlights: Buzz is cutting teeth (finally!) and is all pudged up 'round the gills, so he should be doing his 6-month 'spurting' any day now. Akiva & Emunah joined us for a long weekend. Saturday night we went to a 'gamenight' hosted by friends on the other side of town and when we got home I made 24-hour pizza for everyone. Today we did another practice run for when Z starts school tomorrow.
Tomorrow Sister/Cousin fun! The next day Sister/Aunt fun! So far this is quite a busy and fun-filled week.

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