Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Macaronage Patronage

I'm not going to lie and say that this was the best Sukkot we've ever had. In fact most of it was downright awful. Thankfully the week ended on a much better note than it began.
Shabbat was really nice. We love it when Ayala comes to visit for the weekend and the funniest moment had to be when Buzz realized that she was wearing pajamas just like his! The weather was actually really nice and besides for the rush to get everything done and the swarms of bees - it was actually quite enjoyable.
We headed out to The Freddies for simchat torah. It was really a great way to end the holidays and I'm so glad and thankful that we invited ourselves they invited us to join them! Gosh that Freddie sure can cook - everything was absolutely delicious and I was really excited when she offered us goody-bags to take home.
We gave Buzz his first tastes of challah over shabbos and he enjoyed some more on simchat torah too. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it - but the 'toothless dinosaur' face he makes when it first goes in is hysterical and priceless.
This morning I decided to start the day off right so I made scrambled eggs and french fries for breakfast. I shared the fries with Z and Buzz got very jealous that we hadn't invited him to the party. So we gave him a fry and he was thrilled to eat with us. It was quite amusing and he was very proud of himself. (Upset that we wouldn't let him stick his fingers into the ketchup - but happy enough to have 'won the battle' and gotten a fry.)
 He then watched Z take down the sukkah. It's always sad to put it away since it won't be back for a whole 'nother year. Who knows - maybe next year will be even better. Until then Buzz will miss the shiny decorations.
I've really got to get the house back in order. It's somewhat of a disaster-area and I've been putting bandaids on the 'booboos' so to speak for the last few weeks in terms of cleaning.
Tomorrow we'll be out all day (and most of the night) because we've got a cousin's wedding to attend. I'm sure it will be lovely but I am REALLY not looking forward to the almost 2-hour drive in each direction. Buzz will most definitely be missing his bedtime and Z&I will be getting a lot less sleep than we need tomorrow night. I still have screaming night-terrors from the last time we attempted a late-night trip like this - it was right after tisha b'av and the baby screamed bloody-murder from when we got home at a little after 11 until 4:00 in the morning. Somehow he was still awake (for the day) at 5:45am *shudders* and he skipped all of his naps the following day.
 Hopefully this time will be better.

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