Monday, October 22, 2012

October Nineteenth!

Today we had a jam-packed day full of friends and family! It was Z's first day of class and Freddie's first full day as an 'officially qualified' nurse! Z's friends came over and Sara came by too. The kiddos had a blast trying out each others pacifiers and rolling around on the rugs. I baked a batch of chocolate donuts (which I dipped in dark chocolate ganache - obviously) and made some pasta with mushroom cream sauce for lunch. Later in the evening the booster seat and bath-ring were delivered. Now Buzz can eat at the table with us and won't be able to launch himself off of his tiny-chair in the bathtub.
Freddie found a great sale so she's picking up a winter wardrobe for Buzz. I managed to get Buzz bathed and into pjs on my own for the first time. I'm hoping that his last bottle and bedtime go smoothly too. He seems to be in a relatively good mood - so I'm hopeful. I wonder what time Z will be Home tonight. I also wonder what time he'll have class at tomorrow.

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