Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Sound magical..."

Woke up this morning all 'gung-ho' about getting stuff done. I cooked up a big pot of chicken soup and a full batch of matzah balls. I also re-organized my 'plastic bags and whatnot' shelf in the cupboard - I'll have to take a picture of that for you - I hope that this way it will actually stay somewhat organized. I wiped out one of the kitchen cabinets (because it turn out that when you clean the stove-top half of the water pours down into the cabinet - so there was a pool from my Saturday night cleaning-spree that had to get mopped up.) Basically that made a lot of dishes and I just piled them all up on the counter - so that's another job for me to do tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to bake challot and a batch of sugar cookies. If everything goes according to plan we'll go out to Rosh Haayin and get the grocery shopping done too. Our Shabbos guests might be coming on Thursday evening so I'm trying my hardest to get as much prepared in advance as possible
Remember how yesterday I told you all about the donuts that I made? Well - I just ~had~ to show them off! They're pumpkin spice flavor and they're totally FF! I topped them with a choice of chocolate ganache, vanilla glaze and I left a few plain because - I always loved the 'original' flavor.
So it kind of feels like my birthday because there was this awesome dessert and because I spent a rather large amount of carefully-hoarded birthday-money on a fancy new contraption which I'm quite excited to receive. I finally ordered a soft structured baby carrier. After much debating and deliberating I decided on the Beco Butterfly2. (Mostly because I like the inner-harness which make back-carries less scary to me but also because it's easier to get on&off than the wrap and is better for the back than the sling - plus it can hold up to 45lb worth of kiddo - so that should last me a good long while.) I managed to snag a sale so I got it for 100nis cheaper than it's usually sold - which is a significant discount - but when you're paying over 500nis for something...yeah - anyway - I'm really excited for it to arrive and can't wait to take it for a spin. I'll probably try it out first for washing dishes - since the biggest issue we seem to come across is that Buzz wants to be held. ALL the time. It's ridiculous. And while you veteran parents and parents of multiple children say 'just let him cry' and things to that effect - he's not your kid - so butt out.

Speaking of the Tiny Monster - it's looking more and more like he won't be a toothless dragon for much longer. Yesterday I could already see the white line just below his gums and he has been gnawing away on stuff, got a rash, drooling up a storm, and sobbing when things touch his gums. Poor kiddo and poor parents' arms.

Just let the teeth come in quickly and correctly and let that be the end of it.

Off to battle mosquitoes - though I'm pretty sure they're winning the battle. Even though Freddie won the contest over Sukkot I'm pretty sure I'm in the lead now. 13 since last night. This is awful. Where the heck is the winter?! I'm ready to complain about the cold!

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