Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4 Limb Drive

Not too much going on around here. This morning I baked a batch of chocolate chip muffins to stock up the freezer. Z was happy because it meant that he got breakfast - two times. We also started to reorganize the guest room. We're trying to straighten it up so that we can really organize Buzz's room properly.
We gave Buzz these sneaky snack cups for the first time. I'm sick of sprinkling handfuls of cheerios straight on the floor. It took him a while to figure out how to extricate the cereal - but he's managing alright.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Fuzz!

Well that was a non-stop fun weekend! I think I need a vacation now! The WHOLE fambily was Home for Thanksgiving hence there was a lot of awesomeness packed into 30 hours.
Shabbat was a lot of fun. Friday night we ate almost all of the teeny-tiny-mini-pumpkin-spice-donuts - after a lavish 'Thanksgiving' feast.
Shabbat Day was jam-packed with Settlers and really good food. The kiddos absolutely loved their turkey and also really enjoyed apple slivers and of course some cheerios.
The sleep training seems to be going well. We're down from almost 2 hours of non-stop full-blown crying to about 45 minutes of general whining at some point in the middle of the night - punctuated by about 15 minutes of hysterics. We try really hard to make sure that Buzz gets his naps in during the day - because with babies - 'sleep begets sleep' - and sleep is what we want. So he's been sleeping on us or we've been walking the stroller in figure-eights around the apartment for over an hour just to make sure he gets his naps. It's been exhausting but will definitely be better for him in the long run.
Today was unbelievably busy and I am utterly exhausted. French fries with chumus for breakfast, then packing up everything and putting it all into the car. A visit to S&S to say hi and drop off an early anniversary gift. Then to the gas-station before heading to Rami Levy to do the grocery shopping that I managed to 'push off' for two weeks. Z got pulled into mincha so I finished up the shopping. Then while checking out we realized that our bag full of 'bags' (cloth shopping bags) was nowhere to be found. Thankfully someone had found it and returned it to the customer service desk so we were able to get it back.
Back at Home the apartment was a complete disaster area. We put away the groceries and straightened up. Then we sorted out a super-special spur-of-the-moment dinner. Buzz got his - bathtime, pjs, bottle - then went to sleep with no fuss. (He'll probably wake up and kvetch for a while in a few hours...)
Mostly quiet week scheduled. I need to get Z 'candles' for Chanukah. I also need to fill out and organize all of the paperwork for the US consulate (we'e got an appointment for Buzz - we're going to make him 'official' and get him a passport.)
I'm out of exciting things to type and really have to go wash all of the baby bottles so that they're ready for tomorrow. So I guess you just get to browse through a few more fun photos without having to listen to my rambling.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Calzonamess A'la Phil

 What a crazy crazy week.
We started sleep training Buzz this week. It's been a heartbreaking sort of personal hell for me. Really not fun - but hopefully soon we'll all be sleeping 'normally' - or at least not waking up 5-7 times every single night for no reason.
The city decided that the best time to do random projects around town was while the county was at war. And so - they put in a street divider - for no good fathomable reason.
We did a lot of laundry. Don't worry - Buzz got baths - we didn't put him into the washing machine. Although - I am very grateful that the model I bought has a 'child-lock' feature.
Z took Buzz to school with him yesterday. It was adorable. Buzz got dressed up all 'smartly' and they walked down to campus. It made me feel slightly better about Mommy-brain when Z suffered an episode of 'Daddy-brain' and walked off with Buzz leaving the car trunk wide open. (Don't worry - I sneaked down to the parking lot and unobtrusively shut the door under the guise of throwing out some garbage.)
I made a batch of these Avalanche Bark Bars while the boys were out - because clearly there was nothing better to do. I proceeded to eat 4 of them. Then wondered why I was so sugar-high. Yeah...
On Tuesday we spent the afternoon in Petach Tikva at the mall. We met up with The Freddies, The Crazy Lady and Phil. It was a lot of fun! We bought nice cozy sweatpants for Buzz and a few nice sweaters for Z.
Today was crazy and stressful. Z went to school while I tried to find the apartment under enormous piles of junk. Somehow I managed to trick Buzz into napping a 'double' nap by rocking him in the stroller whenever he started to stir. That gave me time to wash/dry/fold/put away 3 loads of laundry and pack parts of what we needed to take for shabbos.
We left for The Sun House right when rush-hour traffic should have been terrible. But it really didn't take us longer than usual to arrive at our destination. We also gave Sara a ride - so we dropped her off at home before heading over to the Fambily Circus.
 Being that it's Thanksgiving and all I brought my 'fancy' camera...
Buzz was somewhat unsure of what to make of his first taste of turkey. He finally decided to 'go with it' and happily munched away on a few more tastes of the delectable fowl.
 Fuzz and Z fought over the 'pickins'...
 Fuzz got the pan though - so he definitely got the best end of the deal.
More to come - (hopefully) the party will continue tomorrow. The Freddies are scheduled to join us - as is Timmy. Here's to hoping we get some sleep tonight. Come on Buzz - you can do it! Sleep until 6am (even 5 would be nice!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

And there was war...

When I woke up yesterday morning I was sure that the biggest disruption of the week was Z going out to work on this semesters studio project numerous times which left me and Buzz alone together for rather extended periods of time. I'm standing in my kitchen, hitting 'refresh' on a dozen news sites and listening to the radio announce that rockets are falling in the 'Gush Dan' area. Trust me - I am well aware of the plight that our friends in the central-southern and coastal ares - and they've been under more or less constant barrages of rockets (just like these) for YEARS! But the concept of running for your safe-room (and by safe room I mean bomb shelter) doesn't quite hit you until you find yourself washing dishes, wondering if any of your friends are going to be sent to the front lines and then hear that the red-alert is being sounded only a 40 minute ride from your front door. All this (weirdly enough) gets compounded into an enormous bundle of panic in the chest when you've got a child to consider!

At this point I've got the little guys in my head doing 3 different little dances - 1/3rd are shouting that I should have been organizing the mamad and stocking it with appropriate provisions (diapers, wipes, water, snacks...) and kicking me in the tush for not having gotten around to getting Buzz his US citizenship yet and procrastinating ordering his gas-mask kit! 1/3rd are just staring at me blankly as if to say, "relax you crazy woman - there are MUCH bigger cities to fry before Hamas gets around to targeting Ariel - of all places." The last 1/3rd are running around and screaming in sheer blind panic - partly at the thought of Z or anyone else I know getting called up for reserve duty and partly because well - fajr5 missles don't exactly knock politely and ask for a donation or a cookie. I'm pretty sure this explains the serious headache that just won't go away. (Well that and the neighbors that insist on doing home improvements at between 7pm-10pm and keep Buzz up as a result.

We've decided to head out to The Sun House for Shabbos because frankly after a week of watching the baby I am so wiped out I couldn't really care less about cooking for the weekend. I showered twice this week and the baby is still alive - those are big enough accomplishments for me. (Sad, huh?)

There are a zillion dishes to be washed - fine I'm exaggerating - only a whole lot. (I'd include a picture but it's honestly waaaaay too embarrassing.) My stovetop and counter haven't been cleaned for almost a month - so that's also pretty gross. The floor has enormous gray splotches of dirt on it. (Yes, we're not just talking messy house anymore - we're actually talking about real honest to goodness dirt.) I only did 2 loads of laundry (there are at least 4 more - because I didn't manage to do all of the laundry from last week either...) and the laundry that I did wash last week is still sitting in the baskets on the floor of my bedroom. Unfolded and crinkled beyond belief. (When I was younger my mom would have said that they looked like they came out of someone's backside - which truth be told - is pretty accurate.) I probably shouldn't mention when the last time the sheets got changed was - mostly cause it's gross but really because I honestly can't remember.

Instead I'm going to hunker down in my delightfully chilly (64F) bedroom and watch some more pointless tv. Highly productive, right? Hey, for all I know by the time the morning comes - Ya know what - let's not even go there. Let's just suffice it to say - the mess is just not a top priority for me right now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 for 45...

I love my book-club. There you have it. My personal and intense sentiments out there in the blogosphere. The amazing women I meet with one night every month help me feel so much more sure of myself - especially when I'm feeling; sleep deprived, over SAHM'ed, and feel like I'm doing everything wrong. I really appreciate it! The advice, reassurances, stories, intellectual conversation and of course the wine... Suffice it to say - Sunday night was great.
Monday was a really long day. We didn't go out because it was quite chilly and the skies kept threatening to open up. We did get some cute pictures - on account of it finally being sweatshirt weather!
This morning Z went off to school nice and early. Buzz and I hung out for a bit and then I remembered that we were out of vegetables. (Down to our last 3 onions, no potatoes, no carrots or zucchini...not good prospects when it's soup weather.) So - we bundled up and headed out to Yesh. It was nice and early so the nice (bored) cashiers had a lot of fun telling Buzz how adorable he looked. He smiled and thanked them. It was pretty cute.
Back at Home - Buzz happily went into a back-carry which freed up my hands to make up a batch of herbed bread dough. It rose and I shaped it into a dozen rolls (which I baked in muffin tins) and it came out of the oven smelling amazing. I cooked up a BIG pot of vegetable everything soup. It had veggies, stupid-little-white-beans, split peas and some barley in it.
The best part of the day was when some of the Freddies' came to visit! That little girl isn't fazed by anything - if it's in her way she either crawls over it or sits on it. It is SO cute! I can't believe she's already pulling herself to standing position! She is one VERY smart little cookie!
Our guests headed out before rush-hour traffic would become a problem. Z also went out to work on this semester's 'studio' project. So Buzz and I spent some more quality-kvetching time together. Lately he's been 'witching' between 3-6pm - and he goes to sleep at 7. The only thing that keeps him remotely entertained is bath-time.
Tomorrow is Wednesday already - I really have to figure out what our plan is for Shabbos! I went to the grocery store today but tried to 'shop light' because I had to shlep everything (and Buzz) back up the 2 long flights of stairs. Soooo...we're going to need to get something to make kiddush on if we're planning to stay home. Decisions decisions. At least Z is washing the dishes tonight.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lolita and Sparkletinis...

So the funniest moment of my day had to be when Buzz kept putting his head down on the floor as though he was napping - which I thought was adorable until I realized that what he was doing was actually licking the grout between the tiles.

Slightly less adorable? Maybe.

Even still - I just laughed and moved a burp cloth closer to him - in case he wanted to wipe off his chin.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oaklay Hiyo!

Recap of the week - because I'm going to forget what happened by Sunday...

Monday was Z's late day in school. He starts late and ends late. 2pm class was well-attended and the guys came over to play a game of Settlers. Everything was going alright until Buzz had a complete meltdown at 5:30pm. I tried to calm him down but clearly nothing I had to offer was going to do. After pacing with him for over forty minutes (yes dear reader, I walk A LOT nowadays - no treadmill required) I was forced to concede defeat. I called Z and begged him to come Home and put the devil-child to sleep. Magically - Daddy came Home and Baby was calm. Peace restored. Ridiculous.
Tuesday Z had class but he finishes on the early side. So - we packed up the car and took a trip to Petach Tikva. We bought new pacifiers (to replace the moldy ones), we bought a bottle of (GOOD) Rum and we did a cursory grocery shopping. We timed things just right and skipped over the rush-hour traffic. I made a batch of tomato-basil-rissoto for dinner - I totally 'winged' the recipe but I will probably attempt to recreate it at some point - on account of the fact that it was absolutely delicious.
On Wednesday Z had class in the morning again. I did a whole bunch of laundry (which Buzz helped with) and he got to try some of the leftover rissoto (which we ate for breakfast.) The picture below was the happy face he made as he 'nommed' on his taste of deliciousness. For dinner I decided to make something really nice for Z. I ended up making a potful of turkey chili of sorts. Our freezer was out of baguettes so I whipped up half a batch of homemade tortillas to serve it in. Z seemed pretty happy with it. (I hope he liked it because I split the leftovers up into 3 containers and stuck them into the freezer.)
Thursday morning (that's today, right? dawned early. Too early in my opinion. Nobody should be awake at 5am. You hear me?! Nobody. Unfortunately for us - Buzz disagrees. Z left for school and I wore the kid in the snazzy carrier for over 2.5 hours (of which I only sat for about 15 minutes total.) I washed all of the dishes, I washed the bottles, I did laundry (washed/folded), I made breakfast, I fed Buzz breakfast. Do you like his yogurt lipstick? The kid will eat lick anything. Yogurt, frozen whole green beans, socks name it.
For lunch I made a tiny pot of onion soup for Z - he comes home for 1 hour on Thursday afternoons between classes. When he left for his afternoon classes I decided to continue in the 'productivity' swing - so Buzz and I cleaned out my clothes closet. (I finally put my maternity clothes away in a storage container. It's kind of pathetic because the container isn't big but it's mostly empty. I really didn't end up with much maternity wear.) We 'google hangout'ed with Yo'Abba for a bit. I finally dealt with Bituach Leumi. Aaaand dinner was leftovers from last night. Buzz was asleep by 7:30 which freed me up to pretend to cook some of the food for shabbos.
I prepped three kinds of chicken - spicy mayo shake-n-bake, italiano, and a rum & lime. I also decided that since I have all-night I might as well use the time - so I put the chicken soup up to cook in the crock pot. (That should smell good in the morning.) I even know what I want to make for dessert! Not much left to do tomorrow. Thankfully. Hopefully whatever is left will be done quickly.

A nice, relaxed, quiet shabbos will give me time to finish my book for book-club - which is meeting on Sunday.