Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 for 45...

I love my book-club. There you have it. My personal and intense sentiments out there in the blogosphere. The amazing women I meet with one night every month help me feel so much more sure of myself - especially when I'm feeling; sleep deprived, over SAHM'ed, and feel like I'm doing everything wrong. I really appreciate it! The advice, reassurances, stories, intellectual conversation and of course the wine... Suffice it to say - Sunday night was great.
Monday was a really long day. We didn't go out because it was quite chilly and the skies kept threatening to open up. We did get some cute pictures - on account of it finally being sweatshirt weather!
This morning Z went off to school nice and early. Buzz and I hung out for a bit and then I remembered that we were out of vegetables. (Down to our last 3 onions, no potatoes, no carrots or zucchini...not good prospects when it's soup weather.) So - we bundled up and headed out to Yesh. It was nice and early so the nice (bored) cashiers had a lot of fun telling Buzz how adorable he looked. He smiled and thanked them. It was pretty cute.
Back at Home - Buzz happily went into a back-carry which freed up my hands to make up a batch of herbed bread dough. It rose and I shaped it into a dozen rolls (which I baked in muffin tins) and it came out of the oven smelling amazing. I cooked up a BIG pot of vegetable everything soup. It had veggies, stupid-little-white-beans, split peas and some barley in it.
The best part of the day was when some of the Freddies' came to visit! That little girl isn't fazed by anything - if it's in her way she either crawls over it or sits on it. It is SO cute! I can't believe she's already pulling herself to standing position! She is one VERY smart little cookie!
Our guests headed out before rush-hour traffic would become a problem. Z also went out to work on this semester's 'studio' project. So Buzz and I spent some more quality-kvetching time together. Lately he's been 'witching' between 3-6pm - and he goes to sleep at 7. The only thing that keeps him remotely entertained is bath-time.
Tomorrow is Wednesday already - I really have to figure out what our plan is for Shabbos! I went to the grocery store today but tried to 'shop light' because I had to shlep everything (and Buzz) back up the 2 long flights of stairs. Soooo...we're going to need to get something to make kiddush on if we're planning to stay home. Decisions decisions. At least Z is washing the dishes tonight.

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