Thursday, November 22, 2012

Calzonamess A'la Phil

 What a crazy crazy week.
We started sleep training Buzz this week. It's been a heartbreaking sort of personal hell for me. Really not fun - but hopefully soon we'll all be sleeping 'normally' - or at least not waking up 5-7 times every single night for no reason.
The city decided that the best time to do random projects around town was while the county was at war. And so - they put in a street divider - for no good fathomable reason.
We did a lot of laundry. Don't worry - Buzz got baths - we didn't put him into the washing machine. Although - I am very grateful that the model I bought has a 'child-lock' feature.
Z took Buzz to school with him yesterday. It was adorable. Buzz got dressed up all 'smartly' and they walked down to campus. It made me feel slightly better about Mommy-brain when Z suffered an episode of 'Daddy-brain' and walked off with Buzz leaving the car trunk wide open. (Don't worry - I sneaked down to the parking lot and unobtrusively shut the door under the guise of throwing out some garbage.)
I made a batch of these Avalanche Bark Bars while the boys were out - because clearly there was nothing better to do. I proceeded to eat 4 of them. Then wondered why I was so sugar-high. Yeah...
On Tuesday we spent the afternoon in Petach Tikva at the mall. We met up with The Freddies, The Crazy Lady and Phil. It was a lot of fun! We bought nice cozy sweatpants for Buzz and a few nice sweaters for Z.
Today was crazy and stressful. Z went to school while I tried to find the apartment under enormous piles of junk. Somehow I managed to trick Buzz into napping a 'double' nap by rocking him in the stroller whenever he started to stir. That gave me time to wash/dry/fold/put away 3 loads of laundry and pack parts of what we needed to take for shabbos.
We left for The Sun House right when rush-hour traffic should have been terrible. But it really didn't take us longer than usual to arrive at our destination. We also gave Sara a ride - so we dropped her off at home before heading over to the Fambily Circus.
 Being that it's Thanksgiving and all I brought my 'fancy' camera...
Buzz was somewhat unsure of what to make of his first taste of turkey. He finally decided to 'go with it' and happily munched away on a few more tastes of the delectable fowl.
 Fuzz and Z fought over the 'pickins'...
 Fuzz got the pan though - so he definitely got the best end of the deal.
More to come - (hopefully) the party will continue tomorrow. The Freddies are scheduled to join us - as is Timmy. Here's to hoping we get some sleep tonight. Come on Buzz - you can do it! Sleep until 6am (even 5 would be nice!)

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