Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Fuzz!

Well that was a non-stop fun weekend! I think I need a vacation now! The WHOLE fambily was Home for Thanksgiving hence there was a lot of awesomeness packed into 30 hours.
Shabbat was a lot of fun. Friday night we ate almost all of the teeny-tiny-mini-pumpkin-spice-donuts - after a lavish 'Thanksgiving' feast.
Shabbat Day was jam-packed with Settlers and really good food. The kiddos absolutely loved their turkey and also really enjoyed apple slivers and of course some cheerios.
The sleep training seems to be going well. We're down from almost 2 hours of non-stop full-blown crying to about 45 minutes of general whining at some point in the middle of the night - punctuated by about 15 minutes of hysterics. We try really hard to make sure that Buzz gets his naps in during the day - because with babies - 'sleep begets sleep' - and sleep is what we want. So he's been sleeping on us or we've been walking the stroller in figure-eights around the apartment for over an hour just to make sure he gets his naps. It's been exhausting but will definitely be better for him in the long run.
Today was unbelievably busy and I am utterly exhausted. French fries with chumus for breakfast, then packing up everything and putting it all into the car. A visit to S&S to say hi and drop off an early anniversary gift. Then to the gas-station before heading to Rami Levy to do the grocery shopping that I managed to 'push off' for two weeks. Z got pulled into mincha so I finished up the shopping. Then while checking out we realized that our bag full of 'bags' (cloth shopping bags) was nowhere to be found. Thankfully someone had found it and returned it to the customer service desk so we were able to get it back.
Back at Home the apartment was a complete disaster area. We put away the groceries and straightened up. Then we sorted out a super-special spur-of-the-moment dinner. Buzz got his - bathtime, pjs, bottle - then went to sleep with no fuss. (He'll probably wake up and kvetch for a while in a few hours...)
Mostly quiet week scheduled. I need to get Z 'candles' for Chanukah. I also need to fill out and organize all of the paperwork for the US consulate (we'e got an appointment for Buzz - we're going to make him 'official' and get him a passport.)
I'm out of exciting things to type and really have to go wash all of the baby bottles so that they're ready for tomorrow. So I guess you just get to browse through a few more fun photos without having to listen to my rambling.

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