Sunday, November 04, 2012

How Was Yesterday?

So last week was my first full week home alone with Buzz for 'real' days. Ohmygoodness it was draining and exhausting. There were some amusing moments but they all kind of got lost in the stress and hassle of trying to keep the baby quiet.
On Monday The Crazy Lady came to visit. She gave me a 'wonder-under' tutorial - so I was able to make these (what I think are) adorable onesies for Buzz. We basically hung out all day. On Monday I also launched my new 'campaign' to get back to a happier me - I started taking 15-20 minute walks around the neighborhood with Buzz in his snazzy new carrier. (It took about 3 days of hard work - but now he's happy to be in the carrier - as long as either Z or I are the ones wearing him. I even got him on my back on Friday so that I could get a ton of stuff done. It was amazing!)
On Tuesday Z went on a field trip to Akko all day - since that's the city that his Urban Studio is 'working' on this semester. That left me Home with Buzz from a little before 8am until close to 9pm. I thought my head was going to explode. I managed to get us both through the day and even got Buzz to bed on time. I was pretty impressed with myself. On Wednesday things didn't quite go as planned on account of an unscheduled(?) funeral.
Thursday morning found me at the grocery store by 8am trying to buy what I needed for Shabbos. Back at Home I rushed around crazily trying to get everything cooked that I could. While Buzz wanted to be held all day - I managed to wrestle him into the carrier and still got 6 loads of laundry done, and cooked half of Shabbos.
Buzz was super-grumpy this week on account of his first tooth really growing in and a second tooth breaking-through just a day and a bit after the first...I'm not a fan of drugging babies but we kept dosing him with acamoli because he was absolutely miserable.
On Friday I ran around like a crazy person. But somehow I managed to get everything done (with a lot of help from Z, and no thanks to Buzz who kvetched ALL day and wanted to be held.) I only dropped one dish on my feet as it came out of the oven - and it was just roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic - but as Shosh says, "nunu" - so we didn't have garlic for lunch.
Shabbos was really nice. Sarah Leah and Sara joined us. We played Ticket to Ride, took a nice walk and ate A LOT of donuts. These short winter shabbatot really go by quite quickly! In continuation of my newfound attempt to make myself cheerier I let Sarah Leah cut my hair. About 7 inches off the back and drastically angled fronts later I was happy to tousle it and fling it around. After melava mallka of french-toast-kugel with maple syrup the girls headed home. Then Z & I both got into pajamas and watched a whole bunch of TV before falling asleep.
This morning we put the house back together and Z washed all of the dishes while I watched Buzz entertain himself eating Cheerios. Did I mention that they're his new favorite food?! He loves them!

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