Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oaklay Hiyo!

Recap of the week - because I'm going to forget what happened by Sunday...

Monday was Z's late day in school. He starts late and ends late. 2pm class was well-attended and the guys came over to play a game of Settlers. Everything was going alright until Buzz had a complete meltdown at 5:30pm. I tried to calm him down but clearly nothing I had to offer was going to do. After pacing with him for over forty minutes (yes dear reader, I walk A LOT nowadays - no treadmill required) I was forced to concede defeat. I called Z and begged him to come Home and put the devil-child to sleep. Magically - Daddy came Home and Baby was calm. Peace restored. Ridiculous.
Tuesday Z had class but he finishes on the early side. So - we packed up the car and took a trip to Petach Tikva. We bought new pacifiers (to replace the moldy ones), we bought a bottle of (GOOD) Rum and we did a cursory grocery shopping. We timed things just right and skipped over the rush-hour traffic. I made a batch of tomato-basil-rissoto for dinner - I totally 'winged' the recipe but I will probably attempt to recreate it at some point - on account of the fact that it was absolutely delicious.
On Wednesday Z had class in the morning again. I did a whole bunch of laundry (which Buzz helped with) and he got to try some of the leftover rissoto (which we ate for breakfast.) The picture below was the happy face he made as he 'nommed' on his taste of deliciousness. For dinner I decided to make something really nice for Z. I ended up making a potful of turkey chili of sorts. Our freezer was out of baguettes so I whipped up half a batch of homemade tortillas to serve it in. Z seemed pretty happy with it. (I hope he liked it because I split the leftovers up into 3 containers and stuck them into the freezer.)
Thursday morning (that's today, right? dawned early. Too early in my opinion. Nobody should be awake at 5am. You hear me?! Nobody. Unfortunately for us - Buzz disagrees. Z left for school and I wore the kid in the snazzy carrier for over 2.5 hours (of which I only sat for about 15 minutes total.) I washed all of the dishes, I washed the bottles, I did laundry (washed/folded), I made breakfast, I fed Buzz breakfast. Do you like his yogurt lipstick? The kid will eat lick anything. Yogurt, frozen whole green beans, socks name it.
For lunch I made a tiny pot of onion soup for Z - he comes home for 1 hour on Thursday afternoons between classes. When he left for his afternoon classes I decided to continue in the 'productivity' swing - so Buzz and I cleaned out my clothes closet. (I finally put my maternity clothes away in a storage container. It's kind of pathetic because the container isn't big but it's mostly empty. I really didn't end up with much maternity wear.) We 'google hangout'ed with Yo'Abba for a bit. I finally dealt with Bituach Leumi. Aaaand dinner was leftovers from last night. Buzz was asleep by 7:30 which freed me up to pretend to cook some of the food for shabbos.
I prepped three kinds of chicken - spicy mayo shake-n-bake, italiano, and a rum & lime. I also decided that since I have all-night I might as well use the time - so I put the chicken soup up to cook in the crock pot. (That should smell good in the morning.) I even know what I want to make for dessert! Not much left to do tomorrow. Thankfully. Hopefully whatever is left will be done quickly.

A nice, relaxed, quiet shabbos will give me time to finish my book for book-club - which is meeting on Sunday.


Yehuda said...

You think 5AM is too early? Sophie thought 4AM was a good time to cry this morning...


Lori Polly Nemoy said...

Oh - he cries at 3 & 4 every morning but can be quieted with 20-30 mins of shushing and his pacifier. Then at 5 he's up for the day. This has been going on for about 3 months now.