Friday, December 28, 2012


Trying to get a second post in for the week. I'm working on staying more 'in touch' but there are only so many 'babies' that I can take care of at once.
Let's see - what's been going on since Monday...
Well - Tuesday was really boring. Z took Buzz down to studio to work with his partners which gave me a nice 2-hour break. (During which I was silly and cleaned and did laundry instead of sitting and watching tv.)
Wednesday was fun for Buzz though - he went to school with Z in the morning and was the 'guest star' at one of Sara's 'early development' classes. The teacher ~loved~ him and he was the most open and social that I've ever seen him (think: voluntarily crawling up to 30-something  complete strangers with an enormous smile on his face.) The funniest moment of the class was probably when I was sitting on one side of the room with Z at the other and the teacher at the head of the class. She put him down to see where he'd crawl to and instead he had a crisis of 'which-parent-do-I-want-now?!'
Thursday was definitely the highlight of the week. (Sara called to say that her class was still gushing over how adorable Buzz is.) Then The Crazy Lady and Phil came to visit. Freddie and the Little Miss also came. And it was a crazy family party!
Phil made AMAZING ff veggie-soup and her AWESOME barley-flour tortillas. The Crazy Lady made ff marble cake - with a deliciously almond-y aftertaste! I didn't do much but provide the space in which to set the munchkins free.
The Chazs' came to visit earlier this week and dropped off gifts in The Sun House - so we got the little-people all dressed up in their fancy new outfits and had a photo op.
 Buzz taught his cousin the art of 'stove-licking' and in return she let him try on her pretty hat with the super-cool-strings.
Now that Buzz has mastered crawling 'over' and 'under' and 'through' things - they both crawled all over each other. Buzz tried to crawl over a cracker box but neglected to take him tummy into account. Suffice it to say - the box won that battle. I rescued Buzz - spread-eagled, off-the-ground, sunny-side-down, from the top of the cracker box - flailing his arms and legs. He was not amused to say the least but the rest of us laughed hysterically. Did I mention that his cousin sat near him reaching out and shrieking the baby-equivalent  of 'help' at the grown-ups? Yes - it was amusing to say the least.
They traded pacifiers and Buzz even got a nice blue Maggie as a gift. (Which he loves! He even took it to bed last night!) And had an all around great time. The adults enjoyed it too - which I think constitutes a successful afternoon.
This morning we ran out to town to pick up 2 packages from the post office. One of them was photos which need to get mailed out to some famBily across the pond and the other was my book for this coming month's book-club meeting. I am really excited to have something to read over Shabbos!

Cooking for Shabbos went smoothly except for the potato gratin which slipped out of my hands on the way to the oven and ended up on the floor, inside my boots, and made me cry. Z saved the day by cleaning up the mess and Buzz made my smile by seeing food on the floor and scrambling for it like hungry chickens in a yard. Something about his 2-toothed-smile and a slice of raw potato in each hand... I just couldn't help myself - I laughed.

Now we're getting really close to candle-lighting time and there's still a lot to be done. So I'm signing off - but hope to be back soon. (Hopefully before next Friday anyway!) Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Timely Updates...

Last week flew by. Truthfully I can't remember what happened on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I'm pretty sure that one of those days Shosh forced me to get dressed and leave the house to 'air out' - I took Buzz down to Mega and we recycled 26 bottles which was enough of a refund to buy the veggies that we needed. We also fed Buzz 'bamba' for the first time - now we know that he's 'good to go' with peanuts. So today we offered him a tea-biscuit with a thin layer of peanut-butter spread on top. He LOVED it.
Buzz is like all normal kids - he loves empty plastic bottles, and cracker boxes more than he loves his colorful 'fancy' toys. So we humor him. He's got his 'bottle shelf' where we keep a dozen empty water bottles. His favorite activity (besides for reading eating his books) is pulling the bottles off of the shelf one by one.
I opted to be productive on Thursday and I baked some awesome treats for myself. I used barley flour - which actually worked really nicely for these checkerboard cookies.
I also decided to get fancy and made some barley-flour black & white cookies. I made them on the 'small'er side - and they turned out perfectly.
We spent the weekend on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu with our friend Ayala. The weather was rainy for the most part - but it cleared up on Saturday afternoon so we got to take a nice walk. Buzz had a lot of fun and made lots of friends. The house we stayed in had a super-comfy hammock-chair-swing IN their kitchen! Buzz made himself quite comfy in it.
The funny boys hair has a mind of its own. One of his uncles warned us that if its genetic that the 'cowlick' can last up until he reaches his eleventh birthday. Here's a picture of what he looks like when he wakes up from his morning nap. You can tell that it was a good nap because he's smiling.
Today was went out to do some grocery shopping at Rami-Levy. They were having an amazing sale on tons of stuff, especially fruits and vegetables. I bought a lot of apples, pears and sweet potatoes. Now I've got to sauce and puree them for Buzz. I cooked up 18 pears-worth of pear-sauce today. He loves it oh so much.
Z went out to see The Hobbit tonight with his friends. I was a little jealous (though I'm not sure of whether it was because he got a break from Buzz for 14 straight hours or because I also really wanted to see The Hobbit too...) Hopefully I'll get to do something fun and get a little break one of these days too. The kid is cute but he literally sucks out every bit of energy that I've got. Here's a (somewhat boring) clip of his latest shenanigins. He crawls, and cruises everywhere and anywhere. Now that he's figured out how to crawl OVER things he loves it when we set the living room up as an obstacle course. He is also a 'licker' and really enjoys exploring the world with his tongue. Today my knees, the floor, the couch and a whole bunch of clean laundry that I was in the middle of folding got licked. I also got the shock of my life when his tongue popped out of his mouth with a 12.99nis grocery sticker stuck on it. (Still not sure where that came from...but he was happy to have it removed so that he could eat more cheerios.)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Miss You Kitty!

And we're back from a ridiculously busy Chanuka week. Apologies for the web-sphere-quiet last week - we were busy partying (and being sick) and kind or ran out of both time and energy to actually post anything.
We started off the holiday in The Sun House with the whole FamBily. It was a very fun filled weekend. The tiny people got their first chance to literally roll on the floor with the dog, and a good time was had by all.
Party at S&S's house on Saturday night. Sunday we left for Home on the early-side so that Z could meet up with his 'studio group' to work on their project.
By Monday I had fever and Buzz was coughing up a storm. We were both congested up the wadzoos and pretty miserable. Z made me roast a whole chicken at breakfast-time and once it was cooked he cut it up and turned the carcass into 5liters of golden delicious chicken soup. We subsisted on the gifts of the bird for the remainder of the week.
On Thursday night we were feeling somewhat better. Z had his game-gang over for a Chanuka party and Abe joined us too (he arrived on Wednesday and we gave him a ride to The Sun House for Shabbos.) Z prepared ALL of the food for his party - minestrone soup, oatmeal rolls and potato latkes. I was very impressed and it must've all tasted great because his friends insisted that I had made the bread because there was 'no way' that Z had done it.
Friday morning we drove down to The Sun House - stopping at the baby-stuff-store and the bakery on the way. I also got a call that Buzz's passport should be delivered early this week! How cool is that?!
Shabbos was niiiice, quiet and relaxing. I ignored everybody and threw myself into my 'book club book' of the month. Somehow I managed to read the entire thing a few hours before the end of the short Shabbos. It was an interesting read and all it made me want to do is plant an enormous garden! (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - by Barbara Kingsolver.)
On Saturday night Sarah Leah came to visit (she also stopped by on Friday to drop off an awesome Chanuka present for Buzz - cute cute cute pjs!!!) A bunch of us watched a ridiculously amusing movie and had a good time. Phil made us all barley-tortilla-pizzas and it was quite the party.
Sunday morning the girls went out to do some 'retail therapy' - stuff for Buzz, more stuff for Buzz and a couple of groceries.
After a delicious latka lunch (white and sweet pancakes!) we piled into the car and headed home. There was some traffic and some drizzles on the way - but it didn't take too much longer than usual.
Back at Home we tried to straighten up the house a little bit. Then a joint effort turned some basics into 9 individual chicken pot pies (8 of which are safely stowed away in the freezer for future meals.) I had some chicken soup for dinner while Z enjoyed a pot-pie.
Buzz went to bed with virtually no fuss and after a quick 20-minute tv show - I pulled on a coat and went to book club to have some grown-up time with some friends.
I got home at 11, climbed into bed and promptly fell asleep.
This morning I woke up to Buzz crawling on me. The little oddball has a new shtick in these cold winter months. He wakes up between 4-6am for his first bottle but after drinking it is very content to snuggle in bed with us and sleep for another hour or so. I'm not complaining - it's sleep!
Another busy few days ahead of us. Got to get the apartment in order, deal with the seeds and dirt, Akiva&Emunah are set to arrive on Thursday evening and we're all heading to 'kibbutz' for the weekend. A lot to do before then though...

Monday, December 03, 2012

Bridge or Tunnel?

What a busy and productive day!

Our drive to Tel Aviv was uneventful. We parked in the little garage reccommended by Yo'Abba, a quick walk from the Embassy. Our passports helped us get whisked into the building and thanks to my over-organizational skills we handed in our paperwork with no problem. The 'interview' and signing were quick and smooth. Buzz behaved beautifully. No kvetches and he chilled in the Beco the entire time.

We walked along the promenade for a few minutes before driving a few neighborhoods south to pick up some lunch from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Called Hachomah HaSinit (literally translated to The Chinese Wall) - this place is owned and run by authentic chinese - and they serve up What Americans refer to when they say 'chinese food'. We took our order 'to-go' and back at home I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed an amazing lunch of sesame chicken and the best eggroll I've had in about 7 years. For dinner we enjoyed wonton soup. It was amazingly delicious. My stomach will probably freak out at me for the next week - but it was well worth it!

Z had studio this afternoon so he was out the door as soon as he finished eating. That left Buzz here with me for a while. We played for a bit. Then I got overwhelmingly exhausted and Buzz started whining for me to play with him. I lay down on the floor and zoned out while the crazy little monsteer crawled and climbed all over me. After about half an hour I realized I hadn't been elbowed for a while. I looked down and Buzz had snuggled up next to me and was fast asleep. In the middle of the living room floor. That's a first. And he slept for an hour! I was really surprised.

When he woke up it was dinner-time - green beans, pasta, peaches and plums. Man that kid eats well!

Bathtime was fun. He decided to be intruiged by the shower hose (which he had lost interest in for a few weeks.) so I got my second shower of the day. Wrestling him into pjs has become a nightmare. We need to double layer him but he is not a fan.

Thankfully he played until bottle time. Ate nicely. And got really excited when Z came home early from class - just in time to put him into bed after a bedtime story.

The crazy kid really just wants to be walking already. He seems to think that he has crawled enough in the last few days and today we hit a new milestone. You can check it out in the video below!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


On Thursday we had a fun-filled crazy day. Z had class all morning and afternoon so Buzz and I spent the day together. Honestly I spent most of the day sifting through old family videos. It was highly entertaining for me and for Phil who watched them all with me.
Friday was exhausting but we got the cooking and cleaning done relatively early. I was highly impressed by my two-tone potato gratin and FF squash kugel. Believe it or not - we had absolutely no desserts for Shabbos. First time I can ever remember that happening - but we actually didn't seem to miss them too much.
On Friday Buzz was really getting around on his hands and knees. But by Saturday morning he was all over the place. Sunday morning had him zooming around the apartment and the porch. Sheer craziness! And how does he move so quickly?!
Between Saturday and Sunday I spent most of my time chasing tiny-monster around and clearing off shelves and the like that were in reach of his trouble-making little fingers.
Tomorrow we're off to the US Embassy to register Buzz's birth and get him all of his documentation.