Sunday, December 02, 2012


On Thursday we had a fun-filled crazy day. Z had class all morning and afternoon so Buzz and I spent the day together. Honestly I spent most of the day sifting through old family videos. It was highly entertaining for me and for Phil who watched them all with me.
Friday was exhausting but we got the cooking and cleaning done relatively early. I was highly impressed by my two-tone potato gratin and FF squash kugel. Believe it or not - we had absolutely no desserts for Shabbos. First time I can ever remember that happening - but we actually didn't seem to miss them too much.
On Friday Buzz was really getting around on his hands and knees. But by Saturday morning he was all over the place. Sunday morning had him zooming around the apartment and the porch. Sheer craziness! And how does he move so quickly?!
Between Saturday and Sunday I spent most of my time chasing tiny-monster around and clearing off shelves and the like that were in reach of his trouble-making little fingers.
Tomorrow we're off to the US Embassy to register Buzz's birth and get him all of his documentation.

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