Monday, December 03, 2012

Bridge or Tunnel?

What a busy and productive day!

Our drive to Tel Aviv was uneventful. We parked in the little garage reccommended by Yo'Abba, a quick walk from the Embassy. Our passports helped us get whisked into the building and thanks to my over-organizational skills we handed in our paperwork with no problem. The 'interview' and signing were quick and smooth. Buzz behaved beautifully. No kvetches and he chilled in the Beco the entire time.

We walked along the promenade for a few minutes before driving a few neighborhoods south to pick up some lunch from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Called Hachomah HaSinit (literally translated to The Chinese Wall) - this place is owned and run by authentic chinese - and they serve up What Americans refer to when they say 'chinese food'. We took our order 'to-go' and back at home I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed an amazing lunch of sesame chicken and the best eggroll I've had in about 7 years. For dinner we enjoyed wonton soup. It was amazingly delicious. My stomach will probably freak out at me for the next week - but it was well worth it!

Z had studio this afternoon so he was out the door as soon as he finished eating. That left Buzz here with me for a while. We played for a bit. Then I got overwhelmingly exhausted and Buzz started whining for me to play with him. I lay down on the floor and zoned out while the crazy little monsteer crawled and climbed all over me. After about half an hour I realized I hadn't been elbowed for a while. I looked down and Buzz had snuggled up next to me and was fast asleep. In the middle of the living room floor. That's a first. And he slept for an hour! I was really surprised.

When he woke up it was dinner-time - green beans, pasta, peaches and plums. Man that kid eats well!

Bathtime was fun. He decided to be intruiged by the shower hose (which he had lost interest in for a few weeks.) so I got my second shower of the day. Wrestling him into pjs has become a nightmare. We need to double layer him but he is not a fan.

Thankfully he played until bottle time. Ate nicely. And got really excited when Z came home early from class - just in time to put him into bed after a bedtime story.

The crazy kid really just wants to be walking already. He seems to think that he has crawled enough in the last few days and today we hit a new milestone. You can check it out in the video below!

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Rik said...

Yay! Big milestone! Now you really gotta baby proof.