Friday, December 28, 2012


Trying to get a second post in for the week. I'm working on staying more 'in touch' but there are only so many 'babies' that I can take care of at once.
Let's see - what's been going on since Monday...
Well - Tuesday was really boring. Z took Buzz down to studio to work with his partners which gave me a nice 2-hour break. (During which I was silly and cleaned and did laundry instead of sitting and watching tv.)
Wednesday was fun for Buzz though - he went to school with Z in the morning and was the 'guest star' at one of Sara's 'early development' classes. The teacher ~loved~ him and he was the most open and social that I've ever seen him (think: voluntarily crawling up to 30-something  complete strangers with an enormous smile on his face.) The funniest moment of the class was probably when I was sitting on one side of the room with Z at the other and the teacher at the head of the class. She put him down to see where he'd crawl to and instead he had a crisis of 'which-parent-do-I-want-now?!'
Thursday was definitely the highlight of the week. (Sara called to say that her class was still gushing over how adorable Buzz is.) Then The Crazy Lady and Phil came to visit. Freddie and the Little Miss also came. And it was a crazy family party!
Phil made AMAZING ff veggie-soup and her AWESOME barley-flour tortillas. The Crazy Lady made ff marble cake - with a deliciously almond-y aftertaste! I didn't do much but provide the space in which to set the munchkins free.
The Chazs' came to visit earlier this week and dropped off gifts in The Sun House - so we got the little-people all dressed up in their fancy new outfits and had a photo op.
 Buzz taught his cousin the art of 'stove-licking' and in return she let him try on her pretty hat with the super-cool-strings.
Now that Buzz has mastered crawling 'over' and 'under' and 'through' things - they both crawled all over each other. Buzz tried to crawl over a cracker box but neglected to take him tummy into account. Suffice it to say - the box won that battle. I rescued Buzz - spread-eagled, off-the-ground, sunny-side-down, from the top of the cracker box - flailing his arms and legs. He was not amused to say the least but the rest of us laughed hysterically. Did I mention that his cousin sat near him reaching out and shrieking the baby-equivalent  of 'help' at the grown-ups? Yes - it was amusing to say the least.
They traded pacifiers and Buzz even got a nice blue Maggie as a gift. (Which he loves! He even took it to bed last night!) And had an all around great time. The adults enjoyed it too - which I think constitutes a successful afternoon.
This morning we ran out to town to pick up 2 packages from the post office. One of them was photos which need to get mailed out to some famBily across the pond and the other was my book for this coming month's book-club meeting. I am really excited to have something to read over Shabbos!

Cooking for Shabbos went smoothly except for the potato gratin which slipped out of my hands on the way to the oven and ended up on the floor, inside my boots, and made me cry. Z saved the day by cleaning up the mess and Buzz made my smile by seeing food on the floor and scrambling for it like hungry chickens in a yard. Something about his 2-toothed-smile and a slice of raw potato in each hand... I just couldn't help myself - I laughed.

Now we're getting really close to candle-lighting time and there's still a lot to be done. So I'm signing off - but hope to be back soon. (Hopefully before next Friday anyway!) Have a great weekend!

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