Monday, December 24, 2012

Timely Updates...

Last week flew by. Truthfully I can't remember what happened on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I'm pretty sure that one of those days Shosh forced me to get dressed and leave the house to 'air out' - I took Buzz down to Mega and we recycled 26 bottles which was enough of a refund to buy the veggies that we needed. We also fed Buzz 'bamba' for the first time - now we know that he's 'good to go' with peanuts. So today we offered him a tea-biscuit with a thin layer of peanut-butter spread on top. He LOVED it.
Buzz is like all normal kids - he loves empty plastic bottles, and cracker boxes more than he loves his colorful 'fancy' toys. So we humor him. He's got his 'bottle shelf' where we keep a dozen empty water bottles. His favorite activity (besides for reading eating his books) is pulling the bottles off of the shelf one by one.
I opted to be productive on Thursday and I baked some awesome treats for myself. I used barley flour - which actually worked really nicely for these checkerboard cookies.
I also decided to get fancy and made some barley-flour black & white cookies. I made them on the 'small'er side - and they turned out perfectly.
We spent the weekend on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu with our friend Ayala. The weather was rainy for the most part - but it cleared up on Saturday afternoon so we got to take a nice walk. Buzz had a lot of fun and made lots of friends. The house we stayed in had a super-comfy hammock-chair-swing IN their kitchen! Buzz made himself quite comfy in it.
The funny boys hair has a mind of its own. One of his uncles warned us that if its genetic that the 'cowlick' can last up until he reaches his eleventh birthday. Here's a picture of what he looks like when he wakes up from his morning nap. You can tell that it was a good nap because he's smiling.
Today was went out to do some grocery shopping at Rami-Levy. They were having an amazing sale on tons of stuff, especially fruits and vegetables. I bought a lot of apples, pears and sweet potatoes. Now I've got to sauce and puree them for Buzz. I cooked up 18 pears-worth of pear-sauce today. He loves it oh so much.
Z went out to see The Hobbit tonight with his friends. I was a little jealous (though I'm not sure of whether it was because he got a break from Buzz for 14 straight hours or because I also really wanted to see The Hobbit too...) Hopefully I'll get to do something fun and get a little break one of these days too. The kid is cute but he literally sucks out every bit of energy that I've got. Here's a (somewhat boring) clip of his latest shenanigins. He crawls, and cruises everywhere and anywhere. Now that he's figured out how to crawl OVER things he loves it when we set the living room up as an obstacle course. He is also a 'licker' and really enjoys exploring the world with his tongue. Today my knees, the floor, the couch and a whole bunch of clean laundry that I was in the middle of folding got licked. I also got the shock of my life when his tongue popped out of his mouth with a 12.99nis grocery sticker stuck on it. (Still not sure where that came from...but he was happy to have it removed so that he could eat more cheerios.)

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