Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Z's Mojitoday!

Today was the last day of Phil's staycation. We had a boring sort of morning. Z went off to school to await his final studio presentation of the semester. I agonized over whether or not to bake a cake for Z's birthday and that escalated into a full-blown flavor/color disagreement in my head. Suffice it to say - I really shouldn't be baking when I'm not sure what it is that I'm trying to make. Long story short - a yellow cake, made with Muscato wine instead of orange juice, divided unevenly into thirds so that part could be white, part could be chocolate, and part could be pink and strawberry flavored...while Buzz was crying behind bars...then a defunct timer (more like a defunct timer setter - but I'm not accepting any blame at the moment) led to slightly overdone, oddly domed cakes in pans whose sides were decidedly not straight which made it hard to stack the cakes in any semblance of a layered cake.

Eventually I gave up and handled the situation in a creative way. Tiny single serving cakes. Z doesn't like cake anyway, right?! I mixed up a batch of pink almond flavored frosting, stuck the layers together with some jam and just like that there was birthday cake. Haha, just like that. Right.

Buzz stayed up for the fun and he sure got his moneys-worth from that one candle show.

Speaking of Buzz, he showed off a new trick today - while snuggling with me in the couch for a mid-afternoon nap, he started blowing kisses at me. Well, not exactly blowing them - but he made kissing noise with his lips instead of just clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. It was adorable! Then when I kissed him on the top of his fuzzy little head he got so excited and did it more.

We also accidentally left the gate in 'open' position and Buzz made his way out of the living room and closed the door behind him with an enormous grin on his face - only to realize that he was now locked 'out'. At this point he panicked and tried desperately to squish himself through the bars INTO the living room. I really never thought I'd see ~that~ one. (I caught some of it on video so if you're interested feel free to enjoy it.

Thankfully Z's group presented their project today which means that tomorrow Z has a day of vacation! It's so exciting - especially because it's his Hebrew birthday which means that we have an excuse to do something fun!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We've been pretty busy. The weather was great last week and we took advantage by spending most of our time out of doors. Well - out of the house anyway. We visited Sara at school, we went shopping, and we played in the sunshine.

All of last week (and this week) Z has been super busy working on his end of semester studio project. It's a group project so he couldn't do his usual 'slack & freak out' approach. It did mean that Buzz and I spent loooong days together with no Abba to break up the monotony.

Our 'feed the kid' campaign has been going well. Buzz refuses to eat cheese, he also doesn't like meat (including but not limited to: chicken, turkey, beef, and fish) Thankfully he's happy to eat fruits and vegetables. He is also a HUGE fan of chicken soup.

If you hadn't heard - we put a our fancy baby-safety-gate across the living room opening. At first Buzz thought it was a fun toy but. He soon realized that it had a much more sinister purpose. He now spends much of his time crying at the gate and trying to squeeze himself through between the bars. (He does this even when we are sitting with him in the living room...super smart kid.)
This past Shabbos was delightful and quiet. No guests, easy quick meals. Amazing delicious brownies with walnuts and white chocolate chips for dessert. It was great.
Buzz is currently cutting his 4th tooth. It's exciting but also means he's extra grumpy a lot lately. I've been giving him extra cuddles, and he also snuggles with his naptime teddy a lot when he's in the living room. He is one cuddly snuggler of a kid.
Buzz has also been starting to turn his feet in, and let go of supports while standing. It'll be a while until he actually decides to walk anywhere - but it's an exciting thing to take note of.
Yesterday we had a cousins playdate. As you can see it was enjoyable as usual! And Phil stayed over at our house. We're having a party now!
So far today has been relaxed but fun. Fries, and eggs for breakfast. Soup and tortillas for a late lunch. Phil's awesome chocolate chip cookies. We're spending the day in our pjs, which is always fun - but also kind of necessary since the weather got gloomy last night and it's pretty chilly today.
I think we're going to relax in an official capacity and watch a movie while enjoy our snacks. Nobody knows when Z will be home so we don't have to save any for him.
We've also watched almost all of the Sesame Street songs that we could find on youtube, and a bunch of the funny learning skits too. More for us than for Buzz - he is very busy chasing Cheerios around the room, and reading his books.
Ok, and I'm off. Hoping to be back sometime soon. I can't wait for Z's presentation to be over so that I can have the laptop back. I haven't used it since the last time that I posted - and as you know - that was a while ago. I think I'm suffering withdrawal.
Thankfully I finally got the Blogger app for my ipad so now I can theoretically post straight from my mobile device. But that means that I have to make sure to take pictures with my Ipad.

Ok - I can do this! But first - lunchtime!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Haphazard baby happy mommy..."

Hi world! Today was an interesting Thursday because it was pretty 'normal' - Z went to school on time and came home on time. Meanwhile Buzz and I spent the day in our pajamas and blatantly ignored housework.
Actually, today was Day 2 of our 'feed the kid' campaign. We're (I'm) starting to make a concerted effort to make sure that Buzz gets a minimum of two 'real food' meals every day. We're (I'm) aiming for three but starting with two seems fair and reasonable. Until now Buzz has been drinking 5 (6 oz) bottles - which means a bottle every 3 hours - which frankly is annoying. So we're working through it and while today was only the second day - we noticed that with a good filling fruit and cereal breakfast - he took nice long 2-hour early afternoon naps. And last night he slept more soundly after a good dinner of chicken pot pie.
I actually started cooking for Shabbos today - which is pretty impressive considering the lengths I've been going to to avoid cooking lately. Well, not really to avoid cooking. More like - to preserve my sanity. Cooking one handed, or with the kid pulling my pajamas or skirt down while whining...well, let's just say it distracts me. A lot.
Anywho - I was proud of myself for getting the chicken soup up to cook, taking out chicken to defrost, locating the stash of matzah balls and challah rolls in the freezer and making them accessible, and even whipping up a batch of coarsely-blended garden peas for Buzz to gobble up.
As you can see from the pictures I also baked some muffins. Not just any muffins though. Sarah Leah found a pumpkin bread recipe and asked me if I thought that it could be made as muffins instead of loaves. That got me thinking - 'gosh, I really want some muffins' - and so it began... An excursion through the freezer yielded enough butternut squash puree for half of a batch. According to my memory, the puree was watery so I opted to not add any water to the batter, instead I added a few tablespoons of pareve-cream. I swapped barley flour and some extra gluten, then stirred in about 1/3 cup of oats to help bulk and 'fiberfy' the mixture (and to absorb any extra water.) I cut down on the oil a bit too. Finally I divided the mixture into two bowls then stirred chocolate chips into one and white chocolate chips & craisins into the other.
Once the muffins had cooled I tasted one. It was pretty good (although I realized somewhat towards the end of the muffin that I hadn't added any sugar to the batter. Z asked for a muffin. He claimed that he wanted to share one with Buzz. Suffice it to say - Buzz got most of the muffin. He might have even gotten the whole muffin. Honestly I can't be sure. What I am sure of is that he enjoyed it, and that his face enjoyed it, and that his hair, the couch, his pajamas, and the wall near his booster-seat all enjoyed the muffin.
 It's a good thing that he's cute.
I also cooked up a potato kugel - which I was sure I'd ruined by doubling the salt, pepper and baking powder - but somehow miracle of miracles it came out of the oven tasting amazingly delicious. We ate half of it warm and fresh.

Tomorrow - the rest of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and finally if all goes well - Shabbos. I'm excited because hopefully I'll get to read my book for book club. I'm VERY hopeful *hint hint - nudge nudge* *ahem Z...*

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blubber Ducky!

We spent last weekend in The Sun House. We headed out there on Thursday night and had a delicious dinner and quite an interesting evening. Friday was very busy - I ran a lot of successful errands with Z & Buzz in tow. Shabbos was a lot of fun. And on Saturday night we had the cherry on top of the whole shebang when we visited with S&S and Buzz got a chance to show off his cruising skills and explore new territory!
Sunday started off grumpily (on my part anyway) but after a hot water bottle, a big screen to watch my tv show on, and picking up pictures that I'd gotten printed - things improved drastically. Back at the end of the world we plugged in our gift from S&S (a nice big radiator) and were delighted to see that it heated up the living room area pretty nicely. We even got smart and put a small fan behind it to help disperse the warm air - and what do you know?! It worked!
On Monday Z had school in the afternoon and we had a lazy sort of morning on account of waking up pretty late. Z's friends were available for an impromptu game-night and I managed to pull things together with only 15 minutes of warning. Penne A'la Vodka for dinner and a batch of fresh-from-the-oven Polly chocolate chip cookies. One of the guys made me laugh when I brought out the cookies and he remarked "I knew that if I sat here long enough that I'd get cookies!" I guess I am predictable - at least, when it comes to cookies anyway.
Today was a very busy and exciting day! It started off with a very blustery and chilly walk down to the library on the University campus. Z was able to check out a book for me - which we'll be reading for next month's book club. Then we walked down to the 'printer' at the bottom of the lower-campus. We ran into a whole bunch of friends on the way and it was nice to say hello to everyone.
After completing our errands, Z ran up the mountain to get the car. Then we drove out to visit The Freddies! We enjoyed a delicious lunch, then the cousins playing in the 'baby hall' for a bit. Eventually we walked over to the park and the kiddos had a blast on the swings, seesaw, and going down the slide! It was Buzz's first time on a swing and I think he enjoyed!
We walked back to the house and decided that a spur-of-the-moment trip to the mall would be fun. I was able to pick up a new photo album for the pictures that I printed last weekend. Z bought me a book that I've been wanting. We wandered around and had a lot of fun looking in all of the housewares stores. All in all - a very good time!
We left the mall just before our 2-free-parking-hours were up. We said g'bye and see ya' soons to The Freddies and made our way back to the eastern end of rt. 5. There was some traffic at Yarkon Interchange, but it wasn't too bad.
We stopped at Rami Levy on the way, and even tried out the new fancy gas station at the Lev Ha'aretz shopping center. We bought a bag of shoestring-french-fries for breakfasts and a box of cream to make a batch of cream sauce to put on something!
Back at Home the wind was blowing like crazy - but we ran inside and after putting everything away we gave Buzz a nice long bath (which he happily splashed through) then bundled him up in toasty pajamas and finally got him into bed.
Now it's time for us to go watch an episode of tv and fall asleep. We have a couple of hours until Buzz wakes up - lonely and sad - at which point he'll probably come sleep in our bed. (Yeah - what happened to sleep training...?! Honestly I'm not sure.)
Tomorrow should be interesting. Maybe we'll take a trip into town. or maybe we'll be lazy. I haven't quite decided yet. Either way - it should be fun!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Horse Open Sleigh!

Z left the laptop Home so I finally have a chance to get some pictures posted. I hope you enjoy them!
Sababi is one of the gang!
 Onion Challot - made with caramalized onions - leftover from making onion oil for myself.
 Buzz rediscovered his rocking chair after complete loss of interest in it a few month ago.
 Fancy footwork in special pjs from ImmaShef!
 Buzz makes friends with Carla during a Friday morning in Jeru.
 Motzash clowning around before the feature film began.
 The show goes on. Watch out for Hiccup and Toothless!
Shteiging, feeding Buzz, and eating lunch all at the same time before going out to work on studio.
 Buzz helps me bake. He gives me the measuring cups as I need them. Ish.
 Look at that pita puff&pocket on the heat!
 Proofed and ready to puff.
 Sleepy and waiting for the snow.
 Ooooooh songs and lights! My faaaaavorite!
 Look at those ENORMOUS hands!!!
 Watching the snow fall out on the mirpeset.
The lower part of the city is somewhat underwater due to heavy rains. So the snow didn't stick as well as it did up here at the top of the mountain. Many Arielians with cars woke their children and traveled up to our side of town to play in the slushy snow at 10:30pm!
 Buzz and Toffee take a nap.
 (Disclaimer:) I didn't pose them. I just captured the moment.
 Snow on the hills of the Shomron!
 Across the street.
We had a slumber party on the living room floor last night as temperature dipped to near freezing both inside and out.
Buzz's first snow!
 'Hey! This Stuff is cold! Let's dump it on the floor!'
 'Hey! My snow is on the floor!'
 Brrrrr - chilly!