Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We've been pretty busy. The weather was great last week and we took advantage by spending most of our time out of doors. Well - out of the house anyway. We visited Sara at school, we went shopping, and we played in the sunshine.

All of last week (and this week) Z has been super busy working on his end of semester studio project. It's a group project so he couldn't do his usual 'slack & freak out' approach. It did mean that Buzz and I spent loooong days together with no Abba to break up the monotony.

Our 'feed the kid' campaign has been going well. Buzz refuses to eat cheese, he also doesn't like meat (including but not limited to: chicken, turkey, beef, and fish) Thankfully he's happy to eat fruits and vegetables. He is also a HUGE fan of chicken soup.

If you hadn't heard - we put a our fancy baby-safety-gate across the living room opening. At first Buzz thought it was a fun toy but. He soon realized that it had a much more sinister purpose. He now spends much of his time crying at the gate and trying to squeeze himself through between the bars. (He does this even when we are sitting with him in the living room...super smart kid.)
This past Shabbos was delightful and quiet. No guests, easy quick meals. Amazing delicious brownies with walnuts and white chocolate chips for dessert. It was great.
Buzz is currently cutting his 4th tooth. It's exciting but also means he's extra grumpy a lot lately. I've been giving him extra cuddles, and he also snuggles with his naptime teddy a lot when he's in the living room. He is one cuddly snuggler of a kid.
Buzz has also been starting to turn his feet in, and let go of supports while standing. It'll be a while until he actually decides to walk anywhere - but it's an exciting thing to take note of.
Yesterday we had a cousins playdate. As you can see it was enjoyable as usual! And Phil stayed over at our house. We're having a party now!
So far today has been relaxed but fun. Fries, and eggs for breakfast. Soup and tortillas for a late lunch. Phil's awesome chocolate chip cookies. We're spending the day in our pjs, which is always fun - but also kind of necessary since the weather got gloomy last night and it's pretty chilly today.
I think we're going to relax in an official capacity and watch a movie while enjoy our snacks. Nobody knows when Z will be home so we don't have to save any for him.
We've also watched almost all of the Sesame Street songs that we could find on youtube, and a bunch of the funny learning skits too. More for us than for Buzz - he is very busy chasing Cheerios around the room, and reading his books.
Ok, and I'm off. Hoping to be back sometime soon. I can't wait for Z's presentation to be over so that I can have the laptop back. I haven't used it since the last time that I posted - and as you know - that was a while ago. I think I'm suffering withdrawal.
Thankfully I finally got the Blogger app for my ipad so now I can theoretically post straight from my mobile device. But that means that I have to make sure to take pictures with my Ipad.

Ok - I can do this! But first - lunchtime!

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