Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Fuzz N Buzz

This morning I was thankful for my good-sense in freezing things. I was able to pull out a bunch of cold-brewed coffee cubes and a bunch of almond-milk cubes. Defrosted them. Stirred in some sugar and had the second best cup of coffee that I've enjoyed since winter began.

I know there's been radio silence for a number of days but I can barely remember what happened in that time. I know that both Z and Buzz had a nasty stomach-bug. Buzz's stuck around for quite a while longer than Z's and I'm pretty sure that it had something to do with the top-incisor which cut-through some time between last night and this morning. The kiddo is extra super grumpy and whiny which of course means that I've had a relatively consistent headache for the last week or so. On Friday we had an adventure in Jerusalem. We met with Z's teacher about our house-plans and then ended up going out to an impromptu brunch with him and his family. We were in The sun house for Shabbos with The Freddies. I put a whole batch of stuff into the freezer last week including: pearsauce, applesauce, roasted peppers and onion rolls.

So far this week I have been quite culinarily inspired. We enjoyed chicken stir-fry (made with homemade teriyaki sauce), mushroom barley soup (because I left a box of mushrooms out on the counter uncovered overnight so wanted to use them up), homemade pitot, and I cooked up 1/2 kg of chickpeas (from dried to delicious in just 12 hours.)

Early this afternoon we drove out to Rosh Ha'ayin to do some grocery shopping. The weather was windy,mrainy and generally inclement. Shopping was fun and Buzz fell asleep on the drive home. We parked in our usual spot and as the rain poured, the wind howled threatening to blow the car away like a leaf and still the baby slept on. We decided to wait in the car until he woke up. Of course, he took a 'double nap' - so we sat in the car for over an hour and a half. Thankfully when he woke up the rain and wind eased up for a few minutes so we grabbed whatever we could carry and made a run for it.

Yesterday I odered a new heater-apparatus for the aparment because one of our radiators fizzled out on us a few weeks ago and with 'snow' in the forecast I figured it would be a sensible sort of purchase. Only problem is that it probably won't arrive until early next week so I'm hoping that we don't turn to peoplesicles before then. So far the lowest it's reached in the apartment is 51F (10.5C) - we basically just wear a lot of layers and at night we put the working radiator into Buzz's room which brings the temperature up to a cozy 58F (14.4C) I guess we'll see what happens over the next few days when the temperature is supposed to dip down to 36F (2C).

Buzz had his 9-month tipat-chalav appointment on Sunday morning. He weighed in at 9.250kg (20lb6oz) leaving him perfectly in the 50th percentile, and his height has shot up to 75cm (29.5inches) which puts him squarely above the 75th percentile. He is one tall kid - which for us just means that we have to put things that we don't want him to reach up even higher than you might expect. He officially knows that 'parental units' are called 'Abba' and delights in screaming the word every time Z comes home from school. We're working on 'waving' now. So far he kind of practices randomly when he thinks we aren't looking, but sometimes he forgets that it's supposed to be top-secret and happily and excitedly waves as we leave a room or come back in.

Did I mention that his third tooth is officially coming in - so that means just 17 more to go. Yay!

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