Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Haphazard baby happy mommy..."

Hi world! Today was an interesting Thursday because it was pretty 'normal' - Z went to school on time and came home on time. Meanwhile Buzz and I spent the day in our pajamas and blatantly ignored housework.
Actually, today was Day 2 of our 'feed the kid' campaign. We're (I'm) starting to make a concerted effort to make sure that Buzz gets a minimum of two 'real food' meals every day. We're (I'm) aiming for three but starting with two seems fair and reasonable. Until now Buzz has been drinking 5 (6 oz) bottles - which means a bottle every 3 hours - which frankly is annoying. So we're working through it and while today was only the second day - we noticed that with a good filling fruit and cereal breakfast - he took nice long 2-hour early afternoon naps. And last night he slept more soundly after a good dinner of chicken pot pie.
I actually started cooking for Shabbos today - which is pretty impressive considering the lengths I've been going to to avoid cooking lately. Well, not really to avoid cooking. More like - to preserve my sanity. Cooking one handed, or with the kid pulling my pajamas or skirt down while whining...well, let's just say it distracts me. A lot.
Anywho - I was proud of myself for getting the chicken soup up to cook, taking out chicken to defrost, locating the stash of matzah balls and challah rolls in the freezer and making them accessible, and even whipping up a batch of coarsely-blended garden peas for Buzz to gobble up.
As you can see from the pictures I also baked some muffins. Not just any muffins though. Sarah Leah found a pumpkin bread recipe and asked me if I thought that it could be made as muffins instead of loaves. That got me thinking - 'gosh, I really want some muffins' - and so it began... An excursion through the freezer yielded enough butternut squash puree for half of a batch. According to my memory, the puree was watery so I opted to not add any water to the batter, instead I added a few tablespoons of pareve-cream. I swapped barley flour and some extra gluten, then stirred in about 1/3 cup of oats to help bulk and 'fiberfy' the mixture (and to absorb any extra water.) I cut down on the oil a bit too. Finally I divided the mixture into two bowls then stirred chocolate chips into one and white chocolate chips & craisins into the other.
Once the muffins had cooled I tasted one. It was pretty good (although I realized somewhat towards the end of the muffin that I hadn't added any sugar to the batter. Z asked for a muffin. He claimed that he wanted to share one with Buzz. Suffice it to say - Buzz got most of the muffin. He might have even gotten the whole muffin. Honestly I can't be sure. What I am sure of is that he enjoyed it, and that his face enjoyed it, and that his hair, the couch, his pajamas, and the wall near his booster-seat all enjoyed the muffin.
 It's a good thing that he's cute.
I also cooked up a potato kugel - which I was sure I'd ruined by doubling the salt, pepper and baking powder - but somehow miracle of miracles it came out of the oven tasting amazingly delicious. We ate half of it warm and fresh.

Tomorrow - the rest of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and finally if all goes well - Shabbos. I'm excited because hopefully I'll get to read my book for book club. I'm VERY hopeful *hint hint - nudge nudge* *ahem Z...*

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