Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Horse Open Sleigh!

Z left the laptop Home so I finally have a chance to get some pictures posted. I hope you enjoy them!
Sababi is one of the gang!
 Onion Challot - made with caramalized onions - leftover from making onion oil for myself.
 Buzz rediscovered his rocking chair after complete loss of interest in it a few month ago.
 Fancy footwork in special pjs from ImmaShef!
 Buzz makes friends with Carla during a Friday morning in Jeru.
 Motzash clowning around before the feature film began.
 The show goes on. Watch out for Hiccup and Toothless!
Shteiging, feeding Buzz, and eating lunch all at the same time before going out to work on studio.
 Buzz helps me bake. He gives me the measuring cups as I need them. Ish.
 Look at that pita puff&pocket on the heat!
 Proofed and ready to puff.
 Sleepy and waiting for the snow.
 Ooooooh songs and lights! My faaaaavorite!
 Look at those ENORMOUS hands!!!
 Watching the snow fall out on the mirpeset.
The lower part of the city is somewhat underwater due to heavy rains. So the snow didn't stick as well as it did up here at the top of the mountain. Many Arielians with cars woke their children and traveled up to our side of town to play in the slushy snow at 10:30pm!
 Buzz and Toffee take a nap.
 (Disclaimer:) I didn't pose them. I just captured the moment.
 Snow on the hills of the Shomron!
 Across the street.
We had a slumber party on the living room floor last night as temperature dipped to near freezing both inside and out.
Buzz's first snow!
 'Hey! This Stuff is cold! Let's dump it on the floor!'
 'Hey! My snow is on the floor!'
 Brrrrr - chilly!

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