Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Z's Mojitoday!

Today was the last day of Phil's staycation. We had a boring sort of morning. Z went off to school to await his final studio presentation of the semester. I agonized over whether or not to bake a cake for Z's birthday and that escalated into a full-blown flavor/color disagreement in my head. Suffice it to say - I really shouldn't be baking when I'm not sure what it is that I'm trying to make. Long story short - a yellow cake, made with Muscato wine instead of orange juice, divided unevenly into thirds so that part could be white, part could be chocolate, and part could be pink and strawberry flavored...while Buzz was crying behind bars...then a defunct timer (more like a defunct timer setter - but I'm not accepting any blame at the moment) led to slightly overdone, oddly domed cakes in pans whose sides were decidedly not straight which made it hard to stack the cakes in any semblance of a layered cake.

Eventually I gave up and handled the situation in a creative way. Tiny single serving cakes. Z doesn't like cake anyway, right?! I mixed up a batch of pink almond flavored frosting, stuck the layers together with some jam and just like that there was birthday cake. Haha, just like that. Right.

Buzz stayed up for the fun and he sure got his moneys-worth from that one candle show.

Speaking of Buzz, he showed off a new trick today - while snuggling with me in the couch for a mid-afternoon nap, he started blowing kisses at me. Well, not exactly blowing them - but he made kissing noise with his lips instead of just clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. It was adorable! Then when I kissed him on the top of his fuzzy little head he got so excited and did it more.

We also accidentally left the gate in 'open' position and Buzz made his way out of the living room and closed the door behind him with an enormous grin on his face - only to realize that he was now locked 'out'. At this point he panicked and tried desperately to squish himself through the bars INTO the living room. I really never thought I'd see ~that~ one. (I caught some of it on video so if you're interested feel free to enjoy it.

Thankfully Z's group presented their project today which means that tomorrow Z has a day of vacation! It's so exciting - especially because it's his Hebrew birthday which means that we have an excuse to do something fun!

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