Monday, February 25, 2013


Last week was pretty crazy. Z resumed class so Buzz and I got to spend extra quality time together. I baked jumbo cookies - chocolate chip, and sugar cookies covered in mini-chocolate-chips. I also managed a batch of highly successful FF barley flour hamentashen. Then on Thursday I baked up a full batch of caramel popcorn.

On Friday we drove down to The Sun House. The weather got warm for the weekend - with some weird rain mixed in. On Shabbat morning we went to the early minyan with The Freddies and heard parshat zachor. I ended up napping for almost 3 hours in the afternoon. So
I was very awake for megilla reading at the neighbors' house - which Buzz came to and he behaved himself very well for an antsy 10-month-old who likes to be on the go.

Purim morning came quickly. We dropped off shalach manot in Sheinfeld and had a delightful visit with S&S. Buzz dressed up as a chocolate chip cookie (The Crazy Lady put together adorable costumes!) and he had such a great time showing off his tricks for his Bubby & Zaydie! I've got to admit that his favorite part of the visit might have been getting a special tea biscuit snack. That kid is all about his snacks.

We made our way back Home via The Freddies on Sunday evening. We dropped Phil off at Freddie's - Buzz slept the whole ride - even though we made a stop in Petach Tikva. When we got Home he'd had a pleasant almost 2-hour nap which he woke up from in THE happiest mood it took close to 2 hours for him to get sleepy enough to fall asleep for the night. In the meantime he made 'soup' out of some stuffed rats and a colorful octopus in my enormous jumbo stock-pot (that kid is a tiny culinary genius - like his Mama.)

Today was super duper boring. I spent most of the day lazing around watching tv. I did play with Buzz though - and he surprised me by opening his bottle and drinking from it! I was so impressed! That silly kid 'can' do it he's just lazy. Somehow I can't decide if that's comforting or not.

In other news - Buzz loves quinoa. Especially in this new salad that we tried out with pumpkin. He's such a strange little kid.

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