Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Last Friday we took a trip to the university library. Buzz got bundled up in his little hat, and I wore him in the carrier (to avoid the whole stroller in the library issue.) He seemed to enjoy the quiet atmosphere, and loved looking at all the books as we walked up and down the closely packed aisles.

Z took out the 'one day' copy of my book club book, 'the feminine mystique' which gave me the whole of Shabbos to read it. The food was really good - shepherds pie, amazing soup, delicious pan fried chicken cutlets. It was toasty warm in our apartment thanks to our nice new heater from S&S.

We spent Sunday afternoon in Tel Aviv at the Azrieli Mall with Phil. We shopped til we dropped and had an amazingly fun time.

Monday morning Z headed off to work in the library while Buzz and I hung out. I didn't get much accomplished but bath time was especially fun.

This morning we had a fun playdate with our neighbors from across the hall. Before they arrived I had baked: a batch of chocolate chip muffins, double-chocolate stuffed bun, and cinnamon buns. After they left I baked up a batch of bagels and a batch of peasant bread (no-knead, 3hr loaves!) Sara dropped by to pick up some goodies and smother Buzz in kisses - but she couldn't stay long since she's really busy studying for finals. Z washed up the dishes and then it was time to catch up on some tv. All in all a very enjoyable day.


Tamir said...

Hey Lori! I was just thinking about you for no particular reason, so, uh, hi! Glad to see lots of smiling faces in pictures, you seem to be doing well. Keep up the good work, then!

Lori Polly Nemoy said...

Hi back! We are doing quite well now that we've gotten into the groove of things. Here's a golden reason to keep posting on this blog. :-) So glad to be found at the same address after all this time.