Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mr Gato

Last Tuesday we visited The Freddies and enjoyed a baled potato and melty cheese dinner at their house. It was a lot of fun and we spent a long time coloring in various birthday signs for the weekend.

Wednesday was very boring. I was stuck in bed, under the weather. So Buzz and Z played without me all day. Except of course for when he helped me do laundry - a process which culminated in him watching the washer spin for 15 solid minutes. He dances to the sound of the machine and 'presses' the buttons (I love the child-lock feature on my machine - have I mentioned that before?) he makes me laugh so much!

On Thursday we cleaned up the house, packed out bags, and drove to The Sun House. We arrived quite late and quickly got Buzz to bed. I must admit - I appreciated (very very muchly) that Z cleaned the stovetop, countertop, and washed all of the dishes.

Friday morning Z and I went to the dentist. Then Phil and I ran some errands and got The Crazy Lady's birthday present in order. We presented her with a cute little FF recipe book of our favorite FF recipes. Sarah Leah joined the fambily for Shabbos which was a lot of fun even though Buzz was sort of kind of super kvetchy. We ate a lot of cake, and drank some mojitos, and had REALLY good chicken soup. It was a really nice weekend.

After Havdalah we got Buzz into pjs and then hopped over to S&S's house to wish some Happy Birthdays! Buzz had fun smiling and showing off his 6 pearly whites then he chased after his ball and explored a little bit. I was really excited to get a fancy new coloring book and can't wait to get home to use it!

Tomorrow Z has to go pick up some house-related-papers and then we'll head back Home. That's the plan anyway. Hopefully Buzz will be in a cheery sort of mood and won't cry for the duration of the ride. Maybe we'll stop off and pick up some groceries on the way. We do love our trips to Rami Levy!

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