Sunday, February 10, 2013

Son of a Biscuit!

Last Wednesday was busy - the guys came over to play Settlers. I served baked ziti, and fresh peasant bread for lunch. Followed by cinnamon buns for dessert.

Thursday was pretty crazy too although I didn't actually get anything much accomplished. Z had a final exam and a meeting with a teacher. Meanwhile Phil got a pretty cocktail shaker and I didn't. I did however eat a lot of cookies.

Friday was crazy busy on account of not doing anything on Thursday. I rummaged through the freezer and found a small container with just enough soup for Friday night. I also found two challah rolls. We didn't have cola or chumus (two of our usual Shabbos staples) because I didn't want to go out shopping. Z was a little upset about the cola but we enjoyed homemade lemonade instead. I also baked up a batch of brownies to enjoy over Shabbos and enjoy we did.

Shabbos started and we relaxed. I actually managed to read over 400 pages of a random fiction series that I borrowed from the university library. Our bagels and spread lunch was highly enjoyable. The day went by relatively quickly (thanks to Buzz taking an amazing 3 hour nap in the early afternoon.)

Saturday night I remedied the chicken pot pie situation. I had baked it with herbed dough as a crust on top but ended up overcooking the dough - so Saturday night I popped the whole the whole thing off and replaced it with a batch of corn muffin batter then baked it. Ohmygoodness Z and Buzz both enjoyed it SO much! Definitely a win - and we are definitely going to be doing that again.

This morning Z went out to the library to work on his thesis. Buzz took a nap, amazingly enough it lasted for over an hour with no wakeups. I didn't do anything productive which was probably silly of me. Tonight I'm hosting book club at our house and the place is a mess. (I consider 30 empty water bottles strewn across the entrance hall a mess anyway...) A bigger problem is that I'm supposed to lead the discussion but I'm not exactly sure where to begin or where to end.

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