Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Da Dayenu!

Hello world. I'm here - sorta. Last week was kind of busy so I went off the grid. Little did I know that this week would be a little crazier.

It's 2:28am and I'm blogging. I'm not sure whether to blame insomnia or if I should cut my poor body some slack - it has been waking up every 15-20 minutes, throughout the night, for the last 3 nights - because poor Buzz is quite under the weather.

It all started last Thursday and we finally went to the doctor first thing this morning. Diagnosis: conjunctivitis in both eyes, viral infection of unspecified cause, and a moderate case of stridor. All hail: eyedrops, middle-of-the-night hangout sessions in the fridge/freezer and/or steamy bathroom, and corticosteroids for 'just in case it gets worse'.

Thankfully (bli ayin hara tfutfutfu) this is the first time that pudgy munchkin has been sick with anything more than a cold. But he's super sad, and super pitiful. He just keeps snuggling with his teddy at his naptime spot and whimpering.

I know it's nothing terrible - but first times can be tough.

Going to the dr. this morning was productive for me anyway. It got me up and dressed early - so I got lots of stuff done around the house. I gardened (repotted my pepper plants, potted my newly grown tomato plantlings, trimmed back the lavender and the mint, and finally planted my pear seeds - dunno if those will actually do anything though.) I swept and washed the mirpeset. I washed all of the windows, and window frames (from the inside only) with vinegar solution. I washed all of the dishes. I cleaned under my bed, and even changed the sheets (yay for bright green infectious eye goop!)

I'm trying to figure out what to do tomorrow (or is that today?) You know, aside from washing my hands and all Buzz-accessible surfaces like a slightly neurotic OCD germaphobe.

I think I might bake something yummy. That seems like a good and happy sort of plan. Maybe a batch of pitot (Buzz loves those!) and cookies of some sort.

Ok - enough rambling. Buzz will be up any minute now and then I should try to sleep some more.

Oy am I tired...

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