Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Horizontal Running

Sunday morning we made our way Home after vacuuming out the car and a visit to the new little mall in The Sun House. We spent the afternoon cleaning the house like crazy people. We went to sleep on the very late side but thankfully Buzz slept 'late' and woke up inn a good mood at around 6ish.

Monday morning started off on the early side. We finished straightening up, and we packed up the last of our stuff then we packed up the car and headed back to The Sun House.

This year's seder was definitely less eventful than last year. A whole lot of fun though. Everybody enjoyed the wine and we were somehow done by...well, about midnight. Well, that's when I finished 'Nirtza' anyway. Buzz stayed up pretty late but conked out at 11ish.

Today was fun and crazy. We played a whole bunch of games of Settlers. We also ate a lot of cake, candy, and snacks - mostly soup crunchies and chocolate... Yeah - too much junk.

The rest of the week should be interesting. I hope to be back soon with an update! Moadim L'simcha everybody!

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