Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Case of Tornado...

Hello Blogosphere! Buzz seems to finally be on the mend. Talk about raining and pouring. In the last two weeks he has experienced - pink eye, stridor, general virus, double ear infection, and a nasty case of pharyngitis. After 3 visits to the doctor he is currently on antibiotics. Following 12 days of running a 101-102 fever he's finally feeling better and is cool as a cucumber. All that said - none of us have slept for more than about half an hour at a time in close to 3 weeks. We are exhausted. Even more tired than I was last time I posted complaining about being exhausted.

'Pesach' (read: spring) cleaning didn't really happen so much this year. Which is pretty gross because I didn't do it last year on account of being super-pregnant. The weather has been a little bit crazy and with the hot-spells the ants have returned with a vengeance - and this year they're not confined to the living room - they're in the bathrooms and more disgustingly the teeny tiny ones are in the kitchen.

The one random thing that I did do was cleaning out the drain from the kitchen sink. That was decidedly the most disgusting chore I've undertaken in a long time. I ended up taking the entire pipe off and scrubbing it with an old toothbrush. Then I scrubbed out the cupboard under the sink too. It was gross. On the bright side - now it's clean and shiny - and the icky smell is gone too.

Speaking of cleaning - someone across the street took their cleaning to a new extreme level this past week. While standing in the kitchen I observed someone climb out of their 2nd story living room window onto the roof of the 1st floor's porch - in order to clean the outside of the windows. The cleaning part wasn't what got me - it was the fact that the man was clad in only a pair of olive colored briefs (with a wedgie) and flip-flops. Not quite what I'd expected to see when I glanced out the kitchen window while talking on the phone and searching for a snack.

We had planned on enjoying a quiet and relaxing weekend at home for shabbat hagadol. Friday morning at around 10am the power went out. An hour later it wasn't back on yet. I called the electric company who informed me (with a recording) that they were aware of the problem, that it was a city-wide issue, and that power would be back up and running by noon. My gut told me not to rely on them - so I felt pretty justified as we packed up and headed out to The Sun House at 2pm and the power was still out. Driving south via Modiin (on account of the highways being closed so that the American president's helicopter could fly over them (?!) ) I called the electric company to find out whether our neighborhood had been restored to the electric-age - sheer curiosity and all. An updated recording politely informed me that power was not expected to be restored until 5pm. I just nodded my head and thanked my slightly overreacting instincts for getting us on the road with plenty of time to spare.

Shabbos was a lot of fun. Buzz loved the 'food toy' - he tried repeatedly to bite pieces off of the scrambled eggs, the toast, and he really enjoyed the muffins. Frank wasn't Home, and Dibble went to a barmitzvah across town so wasn't home for most of the day. Phil and I played a 4-color, 2-player game of 'cut-throat' Settlers. It was really tough. Then I accidentally took a 2-hour nap!

After havdalah cleaning madness began. The Crazy Lady, Timmy, and Frank started working on the kitchen. Phil and I just sat at the table and learned how to post things to Reddit.

Quotable Quoes from the weekend include:
"What the heck?!" -Yo'Abba
"If I had a dollar for every brain that you don't have, I'd have one dollar!" -Phil via Reddit
"I'm on a's goin fast..."

Also be careful with mascara. It's serious stuff. Especially that kind in the yellow tube.

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