Saturday, March 02, 2013


Last week flew by in a crazy sort of blur. My sense of timing was completely messed up after losing Sunday to Purim. (What that amounts to is that every day after Monday felt like Thursday. It was confusing.)

The up-side to having all of my days confused was that I got Shabbos cooking done pretty early. When we bought our chicken on Tuesday I immediately prepared it - sauce and all - then froze it in its pan ready to thaw and cook on Friday. I also made the soup on Tuesday. Z opted to buy a turkey neck - so it was actually turkey soup - and he was quite happy to pick the bones clean for dinner on Tuesday night.

My friend Rena from high school is in Israel for a few months and she joined us for Shabbos. It was really great to see her and catch up. It's hard to believe that almost 10 years have passed since we last spent time together. (Feeling old here for just a second...) Buzz took a shine to her which was really cute. I finally managed to finish the book for our upcoming book club meeting - (took me long enough.)

The weather was absolutely beautiful today so I spread a blanket out on the mirpeset and we enjoyed the warmth and the sun. I had to remind Buzz that we weren't doing any gardening today - he took it in stride and chased a fly for a while then stood and admired the view.

Menu from Shabbos:
Friday night - chumus, challah, roasted garlic, turkey soup, sara schapiro sesame chicken, couscous, jasmine rice, peas, green beans, hassleback streusel topped sweet potatoes
Shabbos lunch - chumus, challah, roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes, Israeli salad, sliced veggies, two-tone potatoes gratin, 'grown-up' baked ziti, iced coffee, & lemonade
Seudah shlishit - crackers & cheese, 'blue bottle' moscato
Dessert: jumbo chocolate chip cookies, & fudge-y brownies

Z & I celebrated our 'English' 5-year anniversary on Thursday. Hard to believe half a decade has passed - and we haven't killed each other. A miracle! A miracle! The 'Hebrew' Anniversary is on Tuesday and I'm hoping we get a chance to at least have a nice dinner together if nothing else.

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