Monday, April 08, 2013

Beee doooo beeee dooo...

We have been very busy around here and I've been lazy (explains the lack of updates, right?)
Book club last night was a lot of fun. After Z & Buzz spent all morning in Jeru on an 'adventure'. We upgraded Buzz to his snazzy new 'bigger boy' car-seat. (Since he doesn't fit in the infant carrier any more! Less than an inch between the top of it and his noggin!)
We finally got a chance to celebrate a very special first birthday with CAKE! I had a blast making it yesterday! I'd never made marshmellow fluff without corn syrup before - it came out great! Only downside is that if you don't use it straight away it sort of deflates when stored in a bowl. Still the coating on the cake stayed fluffy and in-place - overnight in the fridge!
Buzz seemed quite excited when we sat him down in front a a kid-sized-cake with all his favorite fuzzy buddies in attendance.
I think it was pretty successful! I saved the 'Toy Story' paper-goods for next year though. Maybe next year we'lll celebrate with more people and then we won't all just eat cake with a fork straight from the cake...
Next up on the big-fancy-agenda is Dibble's bar mitzvah! I can't believe it!!! Invitation is done and out so that's good. Now it's on to the baking and montaging! Crazy amounts of work ahead but should be fun!

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