Friday, April 19, 2013

Broka Fone

On Wednesday we spent the day at the Rishon Lezion branch of Ikea. Buzz had so much fun driving the stroller around the nice wide spaces. Phil & I danced in the elevators and made friends with the security guards. We bought replacement drinking glasses and wine-glasses - we seem to go through both quite quickly - good thing that they're only about 3 shekels apiece.
Thursday was also busy. I worked hard to get all of the laundry done and all of the cooking finished. A couple of Z's friends came over to play Settlers in the afternoon. I spent all day cooking in super-slow-mode so it took a really long time to get everything done. But we still got to bed by 9pm and I crashed.
All of my hard work paid-off this morning when I got to sleep in and lounge around like a lazy lump until after 10am. Z brought me fresh pancakes topped with ice cream for breakfast in bed. Then we went out to town and bought some tiny chocolate chips to bake cookie brittle next week. We also picked up a bag of ravioli so that Z and Buzz can enjoy a ravioli lasagna! We stopped off at the bakery for some borekas for breakfast and Buzz got half of one with his lunch.
Ita and Sarah Leah will be joining for Shabbos this week - so that should be fun. The house is clean, the guest room is set up, the food is made. I'm off to relax a bit more. Have a great one!

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