Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sammy Adam

We spent most of yesterday cleaning. We cleaned the bathrooms, and the bedrooms, and the guest room. Mostly we cleaned the guest room. A lot. Because it was full. Full of dust, and junk, and projects, and models, and papers, and so much other stuff. We would have just left it as is - but we're having company this weekend. So we needed the beds cleared off. That meant cleaning became necessary. So we did it. Buzz enjoyed our cleaning spree because he got to pretend to be Godzilla - and ripped apart a city - literally. Even though it was a very tiny city - he was very happy. It seemed to give him a great sense of accomplishment. I guess that's a good thing. All in a day's work.
Yom Haatzmaut this year was better than any holiday that I can remember in a long time. We kicked off with a dinner bbq with the Kfares Sara, and Asher her fiance!!! Did you catch that?! Sara and Asher are officially engaged!!!! We are so excited - because, you know - that's the appropriate emotion for crazy exciting things like Doda Sara getting engaged!!!
This morning we woke up bright and early - at the crack of dawn... Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit - after a late night Buzz slept in until 6am. So we had a few hours to get things organized and pack up the diaper bag. Then we drove out to The Freddies house for a deeeelicious bagel brunch!
Freddie worked a shift today - a nurses work is never done! So we headed Home at a little after noon. I got right to work - baking potatoes, kneading up a batch of dough for hamburger buns, and prepping whatever I could for the thrilling third-part of our Independence Day celebrations!
Finally the whole famBily arrived! We jumped right in and prepped the shishkabobs, shnitzels, burgers, and veggie-kabobs. I whipped up a batch of bbq sauce. We set up the big grill and Timmy got the coals hot hot hot. Then we grilled! Finally everything was ready and we feasted! Boy was it delicious. A veritable feast! Then once we were stuffed to the gills with amazing food - we took a short digestion-aiding intermission - and then it was time for... DESSERT! Oh my goodness. You would not believe the sheer quantities of amazingness in which we indulged. I almost don't believe it - or I wouldn't - if not for the total sugar-high that I am still riding.
For more pictures you can CLICK HERE and check out my album on Facebook. The most recent photos are at the end - and the album contains photos since the beginning of 2013. You don't need an account or even to 'log-in' in order to view the photos.

I've got to get some sleep - tomorrow is another busy day. Hopefully I'll find some time and energy to tell you all about it sometime soon! Layla tov and Happy 65th Birthday Holy Land!!!

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