Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Herb You

We spent Shabbos last week in The Sun House because I didn't feel quite up to the task of cooking Shabbos on a counter that I was unable to lean food items on. The good news is that the 'extermination' seems to have worked pretty well. We're still finding dead bugs all over when we wake up in the morning, but it's a treat compared to live ones crawling everywhere. Tomorrow is the magical 1-week-mark and we can finally wash our floors and counters properly. I for one, am extremely excited. Mostly because it's been a royal pain in the bottom chasing around a 1 year old to pry all food that's touched the floor from his hands and to continually wash his sippy cup tops and pacifiers when they're touched the ground. My back hurts from the effort.
We've started collecting moving boxes. I spent Sunday afternoon re-organizing all of the baby clothes. I managed to get all of Buzz's clothes (from newborn til' 12-months) into two 65-liter keter containers. To be honest I'm not sure whether that's an accomplishment to be proud of or it just means that I really don't have many baby clothes. Other people seem to acquire a lot more than I did. Truth be told I'm debating whether to just sell my collection. I can't imagine needing it again. There's a lot more to get packed up - but I'm not even sure where to begin.
Alright - there are about a zillion dishes to wash, and a lot of other stuff to do too.
(At least one of) Buzz's molars are coming in so he's been an extra-kvetchy kid. He's also really getting good at the whole walking thing. He especially loves dragging things along him. His new favorite toy is a landline phone that he 'found' in his room last week. He loves to carry on conversations with - well - whomever it is that he thinks he's talking too. It's pretty cute.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unicorns - PeepPeepPeep!

I won't even try to make excuses for my prolonged absence. Instead I'll tell you all about how Sarah Leah came over last Shabbos (which was a lot of fun) and about how Buzz is walking all over the place, and finally figured out how to stand in one place without toppling over.
We finally used our waffle iron this week and Buzz absolutely LOVED the heart shaped 'funfetti' waffles that he ate for breakfast every morning this week!
I'm pretty sure that I missed posting about Shavuot. We spent the holiday in The Sun House with The Freddies and the rest of the famBily. It was highly amusing, entertaining, and actually went by very quickly! Ayala joined us at the famBily house and that was awesome too!
Buzz's personality and sense of humor have been growing by leaps and bounds. I'm now almost convinced that small children's extra-weirdness is stored in their hair. (Buzz's mane is an untamable poof of fuzz and only lays flat after a bath for approximately 34 seconds.)
Our garden is growing very nicely. The tiny orange tree is holding a whole bunch of teeny baby oranges, the peppers are budding and blooming, and I even saw a few flowers on the little tomato plants that I've been nurturing since sometime last fall.
We celebrated a birthday today. It was for one of Z's friends. I figured it was a good excuse to go 'all out' and make a 'fancy' cake. Lunch was pasta with roasted cherry tomato and garlic, and 2 loaves of peasant bread. Dessert spoke for itself. It was delicious too - as if something that looked that good wouldn't have tasted great!
 The guys played Settlers and I got a nice break for the first time in a few days.
Yesterday we spent the day out of the house because we finally caved and had an exterminator come and spray the whole apartment. Our ant/silverfish 'problem' had become a full-blown infestation. Since the spray-warranty only lasts '3 months' for ants I figured that the last 3 months in this apartment should be as enjoyable as possible.
Next week we need to buy a new microwave - because ours finally suffered a fatal short. I've been using that microwave for at least 6 years (though I'm pretty sure it's closer to 7 or 8...) Anywho - the door was getting hard to open and close, and its time had been coming for a while now. We also have to take the laptop to the IBM lab to see if they can diagnose why it's been running so hot that it burns skin after about half an hour and to see whether they can reattach our 'enter' key (which Buzz so happily popped off).
We'll be spending the weekend in The Sun House because the weather is supposed to skyrocket of Shabbos. I can't wait until we live in an apartment with air-conditioning! Then we won't need to leave home every time there's a heatwave, or the summer weather arrives...
Okey doke - enough from me for now. My computer has to cool down, and I need to wash all the dishes from the party. Then it's time to pack and maybe wrestle Buzz into the bath. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Let's see recap of last week -

Wednesday was crazy and hectic and we spent most of the day in the car. We did enjoy an amazingly delicious bbq dinner in The Sun House with the fambily.

Thursday morning Buzz and I hung out. I picked up my iherb package from the post office (yay affordable vitamins!) In the mid-afternoon Z showed up with the guys. Pasta primavera and 3 versions of 'peasant bread' (plain, evoo herbed, & cornmeal) made a delicious lunch. Then Settlers until 8pm.

Friday was a lazy lazy day. I took most of the Shabbos food out of the freezer so I took it easy all morning. I only really started getting stuff done at around two in the afternoon.

Shabbos was very long but also very relaxing.

On Friday night Buzz fell asleep on the living room floor in his 'naptime spot' and we opted to just leave him there rather than risk waking him. Saturday night 10:30pm came and still the child would not sleep. We gave up on the crib, brought him into our bed, and he still resisted the sandman for another half hour. It was exhausting.

Z spent this morning working in the workshop for studio. Buzz's Israeli passport arrived in the mail, I negotiated better deals with some of our service providers, finally did the laundry from last week, and came up with a tentative menu for shabbos.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll get my act together and cook all of the freezable parts of the meals so that Friday can be relaxing again. 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Toddle A-Lottle!

Look at me! Posting 2 days in a row! How awesome is that? 
Today was quite busy. Z spent the morning down at school working on Studio. So Buzz and I had some one-on-one time which mostly consisted of him kvetching at me. Suffice it to say I didn't get much of anything done.
The photos on this post are a random mishmosh of pictures that I've been saving up to post but hadn't gotten around to it. (Also I just wanted to clarify that Buzz did NOT wear ALL of these outfits on the same day.)
In the picture above Buzz was pretending to be Z - since all Z does when he's home is sit on the couch and play on his ipod. I guess the kid has got the right idea.
Our amazing cousins bought Buzz an awesome gift that he absolutely LOVES! He had a blast unwrapping it and he's been pushing fuzzy-friends around the house ever since he realized that he could. Nothing went to waste from this gift - we're even using the nice big box that it came in as a toy box for Buzz (til' he eats it anyway...)
Hamster Looie was a gift from Aunt Freddie. He was a little too lifelike and gave her he heebie-jeebies. Buzz has no complaints though and is great pals with the little stuffed rodent.
 Monkey-See-Monkey-Do. I always caution Buzz that the oven is 'HOT HOT HOT!' and he ~knows~ not to touch it. But I walked in on the situation below the other day... I guess he assumed that if I can touch the oven with the mitts on so can he. (Note to self: stow mitts IN the drawer now that Buzz is evidently tall enough to reach up and grab them off of the counter!)
Uncle Timmy returned this big ol' IKEA chair to The FamBily Home this past weekend. Buzz REALLY liked it. A lot! When we move I think we might kidnap it - unless of course the Freddies' want it for their palace...
I caught Buzz meditating out on the porch this morning. I'm not sure what he was cooking up - but it involved an enormous bowl, a whole batch of measuring cups and a funnel.
Did I mention that we signed our lease today? We'll actually be moving to The Sun House for the next two years! How exciting is that?! Well, we're pretty excited. We found a great 3 bedroom apartment, which happens to be brand new, right near the Anglo neighborhoods, and oh yeah, it has central air-conditioning! In the last 10 years no apartment that I've ever rented had such a luxury. So I'm pretty excited!

And a longer video (from before he 'found his groove'). At least now I understand why they call them 'Toddler's.

Monday, May 06, 2013


I haven't abandoned you, oh loyal readers. Things have been insanely busy of late. Where to begin?

Two shabbatot ago we celebrated The Dibble's bar-mitzvah. It was a shabbat-long affair and a lot of work but he really enjoyed himself. A family-filled weekend culminated in a crazy Portal themed party and sleep was not to be had until the wee hours of the next morning. I baked a lot of desserts and helped shlep and set-up so many things that I don't really want to go to a party anytime in the near future.

Last week wasn't really any more quiet than the previous one. We spent a few days apartment hunting since we'll be moving out of Ariel in the summer when our lease is up. We think we found a cute little place to suit us for the next couple of years until our final destination is complete. More details to follow after we sign the contract and all that jazz.

An extreme heatwave started in the middle of the week and in Friday morning (after 3 days of being bombarded by mosquitoes while trying to sleep) we decided to pack up our bags and head back to The Sun House for a bit of a break. At least we enjoyed airconditioning during the meals and all afternoon.

Sunday morning we rushed back to the Middle of Nowhere to get Buzz to his '1 year baby-center check-up' where he charmed the nurse with his shy smile right up until she gave him his 3 vaccinations - one in each leg and one in an arm. He was happy to get out of her office after that and was all smiles a few minutes later.

We ran into some friends in town on our way to pick up a bottle of baby tylenol for in case Buzz got grumpy so we sat to shmooze for a few minutes. Then we got Buzz a slice of pizza for lunch - which he loved!

Back at Home I baked up a batch of potato knishes and made a lot of dirty dishes. I didn't do anything else that was really productive.

Buzz didn't sleep well last night and neither did I. I figured he was getting upset and bitten by the same mosquito who kept dive-bombing me and buzzing in my ear. However this morning when his arm had a whole bunch of tiny red spots in addition to the bigger bites I wondered whether something was up. A few hours later more dots had appeared and eventually they also popped up aaaaaalllllll over his legs. A few showed up on his face and I decided it was time to run down to the dr. Turns out he's one of those lucky kids who got honest-to-goodness chickenpox from the vaccine. They don't seems to be bothering him yet so I figured that I would keep him quarantined for the next week or two. I called my friend who we spent time with yesterday to let her know about the development (since we'd been with her 9 month old daughter too) and much to my delight(? surprise?) she is vaccinating her daughter but would prefer not to give the chickenpox vaccine, rather that her daughter should just have chickenpox 'naturally' - so she wasn't the least bit upset or worried when I told her that Buzz was a tiny pox-monster. She actually asked if they could come over to play if Buzz was feeling up to it. Like I said, he's been pretty cheery today so far - so I told her that they were more than welcome.

In a weird sort of way I feel like I'm going to start an epidemic...