Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Let's see recap of last week -

Wednesday was crazy and hectic and we spent most of the day in the car. We did enjoy an amazingly delicious bbq dinner in The Sun House with the fambily.

Thursday morning Buzz and I hung out. I picked up my iherb package from the post office (yay affordable vitamins!) In the mid-afternoon Z showed up with the guys. Pasta primavera and 3 versions of 'peasant bread' (plain, evoo herbed, & cornmeal) made a delicious lunch. Then Settlers until 8pm.

Friday was a lazy lazy day. I took most of the Shabbos food out of the freezer so I took it easy all morning. I only really started getting stuff done at around two in the afternoon.

Shabbos was very long but also very relaxing.

On Friday night Buzz fell asleep on the living room floor in his 'naptime spot' and we opted to just leave him there rather than risk waking him. Saturday night 10:30pm came and still the child would not sleep. We gave up on the crib, brought him into our bed, and he still resisted the sandman for another half hour. It was exhausting.

Z spent this morning working in the workshop for studio. Buzz's Israeli passport arrived in the mail, I negotiated better deals with some of our service providers, finally did the laundry from last week, and came up with a tentative menu for shabbos.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll get my act together and cook all of the freezable parts of the meals so that Friday can be relaxing again. 

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