Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Herb You

We spent Shabbos last week in The Sun House because I didn't feel quite up to the task of cooking Shabbos on a counter that I was unable to lean food items on. The good news is that the 'extermination' seems to have worked pretty well. We're still finding dead bugs all over when we wake up in the morning, but it's a treat compared to live ones crawling everywhere. Tomorrow is the magical 1-week-mark and we can finally wash our floors and counters properly. I for one, am extremely excited. Mostly because it's been a royal pain in the bottom chasing around a 1 year old to pry all food that's touched the floor from his hands and to continually wash his sippy cup tops and pacifiers when they're touched the ground. My back hurts from the effort.
We've started collecting moving boxes. I spent Sunday afternoon re-organizing all of the baby clothes. I managed to get all of Buzz's clothes (from newborn til' 12-months) into two 65-liter keter containers. To be honest I'm not sure whether that's an accomplishment to be proud of or it just means that I really don't have many baby clothes. Other people seem to acquire a lot more than I did. Truth be told I'm debating whether to just sell my collection. I can't imagine needing it again. There's a lot more to get packed up - but I'm not even sure where to begin.
Alright - there are about a zillion dishes to wash, and a lot of other stuff to do too.
(At least one of) Buzz's molars are coming in so he's been an extra-kvetchy kid. He's also really getting good at the whole walking thing. He especially loves dragging things along him. His new favorite toy is a landline phone that he 'found' in his room last week. He loves to carry on conversations with - well - whomever it is that he thinks he's talking too. It's pretty cute.

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